Washington D.C. Meteorologist Calls Kids Live on Television to Warn Them of Tornado Approaching Their Home

The chief meteorologist at NBC Washington, Doug Kammerer, was reporting on a possible tornado when he decided to call his children during his live segment to warn them about the storm.

“I’m tracking this so closely now. This is going to go right over my house. So, very close to my house,” Kammerer said as he was showing that the Chevy Chase area of Maryland was under a tornado warning.

Kammerer then called his son on the phone.

“You there, buddy?” he said. “All right, hey, man, I want you to get down in the basement. We got a tornado warning.”

Kammerer went on to instruct his son to grab his sibling and wait in the basement.

“Get in the bedroom down there and just kind of wait for 10, 15 minutes,” he said before he hung up and resumed his broadcast.

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Kammerer said it was imperative he call his children as they were most likely playing online video games and not paying attention to the weather.

According to Kammerer, thankfully no one was hurt in the tornado.

“This was a scary moment for me,” he said on NBC’s “TODAY” show.

“As I am zooming in on the radar, I noticed my house is right in the path of the tornado. My kids were home alone, and I knew they would not be paying attention to the warning. As I was live on air, I was debating in my head if I should call them while I was on TV, and I soon realized I had to make that call. I had to protect my kids.”

“Thank goodness no one was injured as a result of that tornado. We are all safe,” he added.

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Many viewers praised the father’s heroic efforts, with one user saying: “Love it!! His viewers will also take the tornado warning more seriously!”

Followed by: “Got choked up watching this ???? hope everyone is okay!”

While another viewer said: “That’s my meteorologist. We saw this live. He was genuinely scared and called his kids. Such a great guy. And dad!”

As well as, “Dang! When was this? Great dad! Cared about his own and made sure people saw what needed to be done right there & then!”

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