24 Water Baby Names With Meanings That Make a Splash

In the vast world of the baby-naming, there’s an undercurrent that’s making waves. Names inspired by the water – rivers, oceans, and even rain, are flowing into the hearts of parents-to-be. These names are as refreshing as a dip in the sea and as soothing as the sound of rain against the window. They carry the tranquility and mystery of water, offering a unique and poetic touch to your baby’s identity.

Whether you’re a lover of the sea, a fan of mermaid tales, or simply find peace in the fluidity of water, these aquatic appellations could be the perfect fit for your little one. From the gentle flow of Cascade to the mighty roar of Ocean, we’ve gathered a wave of 24 water-inspired baby names that are sure to make a splash. Dive in and let the currents guide you to the perfect name for your future water baby.

Water Baby Names for Girls


Water Baby Names

Cascade is an English word name that evokes images of waterfalls and the sound of crashing water. Cascade Brown is an English actor who made this name a possibility. However, the name has gone virtually unused in the US.


Water Baby Names

In Latin, Cordelia is a name that means “heart.” In Celtic tradition, it means “daughter of the sea.” This name was once popular in the US, but it’s been decades since it was a hit. We are big fans of the vintage nickname Delia.


Water Baby Names

Darya can be found in several naming traditions, but for our purposes, we look to Iran. The Persian root of this name means “the sea.” Though popular throughout the Middle East, this name has never been favored in the US.


Water Baby Names

Lynn was a hugely popular name in the US from the 1940s-1970s. It fell out of the US top 1000 names in the 1990s. It deserves a revival. It is short, sweet, and casual in sound. This name is of Welsh origin and means “lake.”


Water Baby Names

You will want to emphasize the second syllable, like Ma-REE-nah, to correctly pronounce this name. Marina is a name that originated in Latin and means “from the sea.” This name enjoyed its most popular year in the US in 1994. It has been slowly slipping since then but still remains in the top 1000.


Water Baby Names

Maris is a name of Latin origin, sharing the same root as the previous name, meaning “from the sea.” Maris is currently popular in Eastern Europe but has never been a hit in the US. That’s a shame!


Water Baby Names

Mira is a multicultural baby name with various meanings, depending on which language you are looking at. We turn to Sanskrit for the meaning “ocean.” Mira has been climbing since the early aughts but it has cooled over the last couple of years. It’s still in the top 500!


Water Baby Names

Moana is a name from Maori and Samoan. It means “deep ocean” and “sea.” This name has yet to take hold in the US, and it might take some time for the spotlight the Disney movie put on it to cool.


Water Baby Names

Morgan is an excellent unisex baby name from Welsh. The name is translated as “sea-song,” “sea-circle,” and “sea-born.” All water-themed! This name is still fairly popular in the US but has been trending down for several years.

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Water Baby Names

Sade is a name found in a variety of cultures. In Finnish, the name means “rain.” Sadly, this name is rare in the US. We want to hear its sweet sound more.

Unisex Water Baby Names


Water Baby Names

Alwyn names a Welsh river. Alwyn Rice Jones is a former Bishop of Wales. This makes for an intriguing option for both boys and girls.


Water Baby Names

Banks has become a trendy name for boys, but historically, it was once more popular for girls in the US. This English name means “from the riverbanks.”


Water Baby Names

Beach is a delightful nature-inspired name. It might be too on-the-nose for many parents, but we really think it has potential.


Water Baby Names

Beckham is an English name that means “from the homestead by the stream.” It’s more popular for boys today than ever before. It goes mostly to boys, but we love it for girls too.


Water Baby Names

Brooklyn, New York gets its name from Dutch, meaning “marshland.” While a marsh might not be the prettiest body of water, it still holds plenty of strength and charm.

Water Baby Names for Boys


Water Baby Names

As with Alwyn, Alun is names a river in Wales. Alun can also be an alternative spelling of Alan, meaning “handsome.” All good!


Water Baby Names

Bardo is a name of Aboriginal origin that means “water.” Sandra Bullock chose it as a middle name for her son.


Water Baby Names

Beck is a name of English origin that means “small stream.” This name has always sounded fresh and cool to us and we can’t understand why it has never been popular in the US.


Water Baby Names

Bourne is an English surname that should be used as a given name. This name means “dweller near the stream.”


Water Baby Names

This rare English name means “rocky water.” American sculptor Alexander Calder whose “mobiles” helped contribute to the modern art movement, brings this name some gravitas.


Water Baby Names

Not just Bonnie’s pal, Clyde is a strong and resilient baby name for boys. The name belongs to a Scottish river. After a brief dry spell, this name is on the rise once more!


Water Baby Names

If the name Fisher doesn’t do it for you, try Fisk. This English surname works well as a given name, and we think it’s rather spunky. This name means “fisherman.”


Water Baby Names

Kai is a perfectly unisex name found in various naming traditions. We most closely associate it in the US with the Hawaiian name, meaning “sea.” This name has enjoyed a meteoric rise over the last few decades. The appellation is more popular than ever before for boys but has been cooling for girls.

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Water Baby Names

Po is another river name. It’s the longest river in Italy. Journalist and author Po Bronson has brought this name some notoriety. Po could be this generation’s Bo. But it has a long way to go!

In wrapping up, these water-inspired names offer a unique and meaningful way to connect your child with the natural world. The beauty, mystery, and power of water are exquisitely encapsulated in these names, making them a perfect choice for parents seeking something distinctive and symbolic. Whether you’re drawn by the tranquil imagery, the rich cultural history, or the elemental connection, these names are sure to make more than just a splash. They could be the perfect fit for your little one, embodying a deep essence of life, renewal, and fluidity, much like the water that inspired them.

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