27 Wedding Tattoos That Say ‘I Love You Forever’ Better Than Any Ring

Wedding tattoos have been popular for years, but as tattooing has become more mainstream, more people are getting them than ever before. People feel comfortable enough even tattooing their hands and getting tattooed rings instead of or in addition to traditional wedding rings. Wedding bands are so 10 years ago! Couples getting married, celebrating anniversaries, or getting extra romantic on Valentine’s Day are skipping the diamonds and choosing the needle, tattoo needle that is. It’s not just a novel idea; it really signals commitment because to get rid of a wedding tattoo or an ex’s initials is going to be a literal pain. For couples, these tattoos truly are there until death parts them. Whether you balk at the idea of getting a wedding tattoo with a partner because you are that kind of pragmatist or you’re a hopeless romantic who loves the sentimentality of it, here are 27 wedding tattoos we think are the most unique, romantic, and way more interesting than a ring. For the lovers, dreamers, and idealists, this list is just for you.

A Clever Workaround

This cute couple got Celtic tattoo wedding bands on their ring fingers and then got the date of their wedding on their wrists in Roman numerals. They shared this happy photo with the explanation that they both can not wear their wedding bands because of their jobs and that the tattoos were a sweet alternative for them.

His and Hers

According to the couple who shared this picture of their fresh wedding tattoos, they made the tattooing a part of the big day and got tattooed the same day as their wedding. Mr. and Mrs. tattooed in a typewriter-style font is a great look and a wonderful idea.

A Whole Plan

This couple from the UK has the craziest engagement story. The groom-to-be popped the question on live radio, then the bride-to-be surprised him with a trip to the tattoo parlor for a special leap year tattoo. They then plan on traveling to the States to get married in Las Vegas. It’s clear this couple isn’t taking the traditional route and really enjoy seizing the moment.

You Complete Me

Here’s a creative idea for tattoo engagement “rings.” This couple got complementing tattoos of hexagons loosely shaped into a band. One person has the outlines while the other person has filled-in shapes. How romantic.

You Must Be My Lucky Star

These two lovebirds are looking to each other for guidance. One has the North Star and the other has a compass tattoo. What a smart and inspired wedding tattoo idea.

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Celtic Knots

These beautifully tattooed celtic knot rings are a twist on a classic. If you have Gaelic heritage, these would be a very wise decision.

Love Aquatic

This couple took their love for one another and marine life into account when choosing their wedding ring tattoos. They got matching sea turtle tatts that make great use of a minimalist design. What a special choice.

Forever Valentines

This couple got initial tattoos in different fonts for this past Valentine’s Day. The person who shared this photo is the “M” of the “MB” and she says she loves the tattoo, but her next husband’s name will also have to start with the letter “B” now.

Make it Eternal

These stunning wedding band tattoos were inspired by the infinity symbol. The design has combined two interlocking symbols in a beautiful way. This couple’s in it for the long haul.

Never Forget an Anniversary Again

For Valentine’s Day, this couple got their anniversary date tattooed. We’re so glad that they’re so in love, but we also find the idea of having a constant reminder of the date of your wedding beneficial.

Love Dots

These micro tattoo letters are comprised entirely of tiny dots. The technique is called dot work and it does, indeed, work for this couple. We like that they’ve chosen to go with the inside of the ring finger for these. The tattoos will need to be retouched eventually because of their location, but getting that done will be a romantic gesture.

Twelve Years in the Making

After twelve years of marriage, this couple finally decided to make it tattoo-official with infinity symbol tattoos that incorporate a heart and initials. The tattoo artist has done an incredible job on these mini tattoos.

Put a Ring and Some Ink on It

Like the previous couple, this one also wanted to celebrate their happy years together. After nine years of marriage, they decided to get more than just rings and got initials tattooed right were their rings sit. What a sweet way to commemorate a partnership.

What’s One More?

For these hand tattoo aficionados, it wasn’t official until they got wedding tattoos. They chose initials in the same font, but in two different sizes. We love their tattoo love.

Not a Gamble

This King and Queen took inspiration from a deck of cards for their wedding tattoos. The tattoo artist has done an exquisite job here and both tattoos look very sharp. They’re going to love each other forever let the chips fall where they may.

Get Passionate

This couple decided to inject some color into their wedding ring tattoos. Red is the color of passion and romance so it’s very fitting that they chose the bold color for their engagement ring tattoos. It’s hot!

Tattoo Party

A wedding reception takes on a whole new vibe when you invite your local tattoo artist! This couple had the tattoo artist tattoo their matching infinity symbol knots as part of the wedding festivities.

A Decade of Love

This couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary by getting roman numerals of the wedding date tattooed on their ring fingers. Ten years is a very long time and we’re proud of them. Let’s hope it lasts as long as these tattoos do.

A Bunch of Bands

These very cool tattoos use parallel lines and triangles to create a bold design. The person who shared the image didn’t explain the significance of the number of lines and triangles, but we’re sure they symbolize something special. What an excellent idea and great looking tattoos.

Like Real Rings

This couple went a more traditional route with their wedding ring tattoos with a thicker band of ink for the groom and a very skinny one for the bride. Sometimes simplicity really is the best and these simple black bands look timeless.

We’re Knots

These stunning Celtic knot tattoos are gorgeous and unlike the simple bands of the previous couple, this one went for an intricate design. Plaited knots like this one first became popular in the Late Roman Empire before they truly found their home in Ireland in the 7th Century when the Gauls arrived. These tatts aren’t going out of style in the foreseeable future.

Get Personal

This couple decided to express themselves and their love with these wedding tattoos. They had no use for a band-inspired design and went for symbols that meant the most to them. The letter “T” is topped with two beautiful wings because he makes her “heart soar.” The letter “J” is enclosed in the beat of a heart.

From Serbia, with Love

This couple from Belgrade, Serbia took their faith and their state into account when getting their wedding band tattoos. The cross tattoo is a very specific design that’s the national symbol of Serbia. The heart, of course, symbolizes love. What an interesting pairing from these lovers in Europe.

Di-Vine Love

This couple wanted a tattoo that symbolizes the growth of their love and went with a simple vine design for their wedding band tattoos. While many people fear color for these types of tattoos, this couple chose a vivid green for the leaves. We hope their love continues to flourish.

Save the Date

For both members of this partnership, it was their first and only tattoo. They chose an incredible tattoo artist who used a single needle to get such crisp, fine linework. We’re curious to see how this tattoo ages and fades over time (which is romantic in its own way), but it’s certainly stunning right now.

Over the Moon

The story behind these wedding band tattoos is fun. The couple got married on Friday the 13th and asked their tattoo artist friend to design a tattoo that went with the theme. She chose to do a crescent moon design in just black ink. The results are stunning and it will be a weird anecdote this lucky-in-love couple can tell friends for years.

Forever Love

The majority of the wedding tattoos we’ve looked at are on ring fingers, but not everyone wants a tattoo on their hand. These lovely infinity symbols with a heart incorporated are perfect for more discreet newlyweds who want to get tattoos. We love how the symbols mirror one another when the couple holds hands.

Expressing your love and commitment through a wedding tattoo is a beautiful gesture. Wedding tattoo bands are extremely popular for couples, but you don’t have to run out and getting your knuckles tatted up. You can always find a more discreet spot for your matching or complementary tattoos. We’ve been to a bunch of weddings, but we’ve never been to one with a tattoo artist. Some couples really go wild for their romantic tattoos and we’re here for it. Here’s to everlasting love and tattoos!

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