What Are Some Things I Can Do to Get My Contractions Going?

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QUESTION: What are some things I can do to get my contractions going?

I am 37 weeks and two days pregnant. I’ve been away from home, my kids, and my common law for two months now due to being sent out early with my pregnancy. Today, I had a doctor’s appointment and was told I am 4cm [dilated and my] cervix is at 80% thinned, I’ve tried walking around lots, I’ve tried raspberry leaf tea, squats, literally anything to get my contractions going, I am homesick, I miss my kids. What else is there to help me get my contractions going if I don’t have my baby over the weekend? I will be getting induced, and it’ll be my first time, and I am scared, I need help, any tips? ***PLEASE DO NOT SUGGEST CASTOR OIL***

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“Nipple stimulation was the only thing that brought on contractions for me but it didn’t put me into labor. I was scheduled to be induced with both of mine or else I wouldn’t have even tried to bring on labor. Baby will come when he/she is ready.”

“Pumping will cause contractions.”

“I ate a whole fresh pineapple on Saturday afternoon and [by] Sunday afternoon, I was in labor.”

“Sex. Lots of walking. If you have a peanut ball or just a large body pillow, place it in between your legs and rotate from one hip to the other about every 30 mins. [It] helps work the baby down. [It] worked with my stubborn daughter. I was 8 cm dilated, 100% effaced, and the doctor still couldn’t reach the water sac to break it. And 1.5 hour with a peanut ball. She about shot out. 3 pushes out.”

“You can try nipple stimulation, warm baths, orgasms, or an exercise ball; sit on it and bounce while rotating your hips. If you don’t have an exercise ball, the corner of your bed should do.”

“I was a week late and uncomfortable so I decided to get induced and it wasn’t bad! I had him in less than 10 hours, first baby.”

“I have tried everything, girl. Nothing works. Just have to wait till your baby is ready.”

“You’re already in labor. I don’t think sex would work. Walk and rest!”

“Aw I’m sorry. I was in the same boat. I know it’s hard to be away from your other kids plus all the extra hormones. The baby should come out soon. I was told spicy food helps kickstart labor.”

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