What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Anger Management Issues

Does your significant other have you on the verge of snapping? Are you screaming into your pillow at night trying to expel the rage that’s built up during the day? If you answered yes to either of these questions you need some serious anger management classes, or it could be your zodiac sign.

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Or, is the reason you’re wielding a bat like Negan from The Walking Dead because of your zodiac sign. Take a deep breath and let’s take a look at the zodiac signs and see which ones are the most likely to snap.


I doubt you’ll be going on a killing spree anytime soon. Your compassion for people and willingness to listen hinders you from acting impulsively. You have an inner ability to calm yourself which helps you tolerate even the most insensitive person. The only thing that might have you going off the rails is if someone threatens your family, at that point all bets are off.


You’re too creative to be a real threat. Oh, you’ll think of a hundred ways to do away with someone, but by the time you’ve imagined their demise in your head, the anger you felt for them will be gone. The importance you place on relationships with others will get you through even the toughest times.


You’re not the one to snap. Your ability to find a calming solution to your problems will help you get through most situations – no matter how frustrating. You can find ways to balance almost any issue without going off the deep end.


Probably not – unless there is some financial gain to be had. Your stubbornness and desire for control can be tricky, but your dependability and kindness should overcome any negative emotions you might have for someone.


You get angry, may plot, might watch a few episodes of CSI or Forensic Files for some pointers, but in the end, you know you have others depending on you. Doing a few years in Sing Sing is not in your cards, you’ve set your ambitions a little higher than jail.


You might be the one to lash out. Your impulsiveness and bad temper tend to get you in trouble – a lot. Your high confidence level will have you thinking you can get away with anything. Once you become angered, it’s hard to reign in your emotions, but if you rely on your friends and family to steady you, you can keep it together.


Nah, as long as your partner is giving you space to be you. Your sense of adventure, open-mindedness, and inability to focus on any one thing will shut-down any desire to do away with your adversaries.


Snapping is not in your future. Using your intelligence and common sense, you’ll find other ways to remedy any problems you may be having with loved ones or coworkers before snapping becomes a concern. Even though your self-worth may take a hit, your ability to heal and fix others will save the day.


Talking with a therapist is definitely in your future. Your disconnection with the world and loner mentality is a recipe for disaster. The one thing that might keep you out of the pokey is the fact that you’re intelligent enough to find a non-violent way to handle your anger management.


You might want to have a lawyer on retainer. When pushed too far your pride and stubbornness will make it difficult for you to back down, even when it’s for your own good. Your short temper makes it difficult to diffuse bad situations. Your fearless attitude makes taking shit from others, not an option. Yep, anger management isn’t your forte..


Depending on the amount of pain caused, snapping is not out of the question since your greatest strength and weakness is your sensitivity. Once you’ve been hurt vengeance is always on the table. If you can find a way to get past your emotions, you’ll be able to forgive those who do you wrong. But if you let your negative emotions fester….oh vey!


Snap no, leave yes. You’re charismatic and able to talk your way out of most situations. But your lack of compassion and lack of interest in the things around you will have you ditching people who have been in your life for years. So no, you’re not likely to snap, but you are likely to decide it’s in your best interest to embark on an adventure away from your problems.

These zodiac predictions are made for entertainment purposes only. If you really think you’re about to snap, please talk to someone who can help you manage your anger problem.

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