Wife Discovers Husband Had Been Having An Affair With His Cousin For 15 Years

A woman recently posted to Reddit seeking advice after she discovered her husband had been having a 15-year-affair with his cousin.

One woman decided to post to Reddit’s Relationship Advice forum after she found out the news and was in disbelief over what to do next. “My husband’s cousin recently was killed in a car accident three weeks ago,” she shared. “This has made my husband visibly depressed and a lot less like himself lately.”

Wife Finds Out About Husband's 15-Year-Affair With Cousin
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In an attempt to help, she showed her support with a dinner for her husband. “Tonight when I got home from work he had our two kids go spend the night at his mother’s place and had made us dinner,” she shared.

“After dinner he sat me down and told me that I needed to prepare myself for what he was going to say.” Then, after taking a deep breath, he revealed a secret to her that he had been hiding for years.

“He then proceeded to tell me about his affair,” the wife revealed. “To sum some things up he essentially had been doing sexual things with his cousin since she ‘seduced’ him when she [was] 13 and he was 16,” she added.

Wife Finds Out About Husband's 15-Year-Affair With Cousin
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“These ‘sexual activities’ went on through their adulthood up until he started to date me. After we got married things didn’t happen between him or his cousin until around 4 years into our marriage when she supposedly convinced him to continue their sexual activities on the side,” she shared.

“We’ve been married for a little over 15 years for context. This has continued up until 3 weeks ago as you can imagine.”

The affair has been going on for a total of 11 years. And according to the wife, her husband said she could “take it as [she] will.”

Wife Finds Out About Husband's 15-Year-Affair With Cousin
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“He’ll accept anything I choose to do considering our marriage,” she wrote. “His cousin apparently was a lot more than just some sex fling.” The wife was obviously shaken by this news.

“I’ve never would have expected my husband to be cheating,” she wrote. “He never did anything that would give it red flags like coming in late or leaving hair of another woman around.” She now has no idea what to do next and was looking for advice from fellow Redditors.

“I’m at a standstill and not sure where to go from here. I haven’t been able to say anything to him after he was so blunt about it,” she wrote. “I’m still crying some now, I don’t know where to go from where.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re posting this here for permission to GTFO. So here goes; it’s OK to leave him. Get the h–l out of there,” one person replied. “Had he been caught back then, he would have been charged with sex with a minor and have a lifetime record as a sexual offender. Throw the entire guy in the bin.”

Wife Finds Out About Husband's 15-Year-Affair With Cousin
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“He married you because he couldn’t have her,” another person revealed. “He’s not the guy you married. You need to respect yourself enough to kick him out of your life.”

“I don’t think this marriage can saved. Those are a lot of years of deception and with a family member,” wrote another. “My advice: Tell him to leave immediately. Plan a co-parenting schedule. Divorce, get the house for you and your children. Don’t let him take anymore than he has already took from you, years of your life.”

The wife then posted a follow-up on Reddit’s Relationship Advice to update the community.

“I want to first say that I [appreciate] all of the support I’ve received after posting my first post,” the wife wrote in her follow-up. “I have thought a lot on the suggestions that I’ve been given and decided to go forward on some.

Wife Finds Out About Husband's 15-Year-Affair With Cousin
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“I’ve talked with my mother about the situation and she’s agreed to take in my children until this situation is dealt with,” she wrote.

“I’ve also approached my husband about divorced and put my demands about wanting full custody of our children as well as the house and other things. He hasn’t put up a fight regarding any of those and has agreed to it.”

The wife revealed how the whole process has been difficult and she is looking forward to finalizing the divorce, and her mother suggested keeping “the real reasoning of our divorce away from our children as long as possible, especially my eldest daughter,” who is only 14.

“I again want to express that I really appreciate all of the helpful comments and suggestions. Thank you all for the support,” she added.

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