TikTok Wife Buys Middle Finger Figurines to Call Out Husband’s Messes Around Their House, Then They Immediately Sold Out

As a wife, the last thing you want to do after a long day is pick up you’re husband’s messes. So one wife, who is now being described as a genius on TikTok, got creative with middle fingers when sending her sloppy husband a message.

As the New York Post reports, Sandra Jeenie Kwon is a restaurant owner and now viral TikTok star. And one of her most successful videos, which now boasts over 6.7 million views, has other wives around the world screaming, “Yes!”


Yes there’s bison on Catalina Island ???? ##itsnotacow ##moo ##visitcatalinaisland

♬ original sound – jeenie.weenie

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In the TikTok video, Sandra holds up a recent purchase she made via Amazon. The product was about six mini middle finger figurines and she bought them for when her husband does something around the house she doesn’t like.

“So I bought these little middle finger figurines so I can use it on my husband and put it around the house when I see something I’m unhappy with,” Sandra said in the video before admitting, “To be fair Johnny would need like 10 bags for things I do around the house.”


To be fair Johnny would need like 10 bags for things I do around the house ???????????????????????????????? ##relationshipgoals

♬ original sound – jeenie.weenie

Wife Puts Middle Finger Toys All Over House to Call Out Her Husband’s Messes, Now It’s a War

As the video continued, the wife is seen putting the little figurines next to the old contacts her husband left on his nightstand, his dirty clothes that were on the floor, and the stubble he left behind on the sink after shaving. And people absolutely loved the idea.

“I applaud this passive aggression,” one commenter wrote, while another joked that they need a lot more than just six figurines. “Omg, do they sell these in a pack of 1,000?”


Reply to @kept87 DON’T DO IT UNLESS YOU R READY FOR WAR ???????????????? ##relationshipgoals

♬ original sound – jeenie.weenie

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Some moms even ask if this was “appropriate if I do this to my kids???” And other women just called Sandra a flat out genius. “You are a genius. A. GENIUS.”

In fact, as she told Cater News, “the middle finger figurines ended up selling out on Amazon within a few hours of me posting the video.” Many people also asked for her husband, Johnny’s, reaction to the figurines. Well, he just got her back.

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