Will Smith Shares the Words He Tells His Daughter’s Guy Friends Before They Hang Out

As a guest on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk, comedian and actor Kevin Hart sat down with Pinkett Smith’s husband, actor Will Smith, to talk about a plethora of things, including their families and their kids. And in a snippet of their episode that Smith shared on Instagram, he revealed the advice he gave both of his kids while growing up.

When it comes to Will Smith’s two sons, Trey and Jaden is key advice to them growing up was “stop squaring’ off.” For those parents out there, who have raised boys, as Will reveals, there comes a certain age where “they always want to test themselves.”

And it was once Trey and Jaden got to that age that Will made it clear to them that they’ve “never been in a scenario where a dude really wants to kill you and you have to stay calm and you have to defend yourself and you get hit in the face and you gotta know you’re okay. You’ve never been there, and I’m gonna take it as my failure, but stop squarin’ off because you don’t have it.”

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Will Smith Shares Advice He Has Given Throughout the Years of Parenthood

And while that is also very good advice, people are mostly talking about the advice Will gave Willow’s guy friends before they started hanging out. As Will told Hart, who is also the father of two daughters and two sons, he made sure he always had his daughter’s back.

“Willow, she’s going to be mad at me for telling her business,” Smith quipped. “There’s been one dude that’s been a friend for her whole teenage years, and I remember when he first started coming around, I pulled him. I said, ‘Look man, here’s the deal. If my daughter loves you, I love you, and no matter what happens with y’all, I need two things from you.’”

And that’s when Will told this male friend of Willow’s, “Don’t ever put your hands on her, and don’t ever leave her nowhere.” And both Kevin and many of Smith’s followers loved that advice. 

“Those are two solid asks,” Kevin replied. “You know, I love the ‘don’t leave her nowhere.’ That’s a big one.”

And others agreed. One commenter wrote, “Don’t leave her nowhere….is classic. Perfect advice!” 

“‘Don’t leave her nowhere and don’t put your hands on her to hurt her,’ Man, this is an add-on when I do have a daughter and to tell her significant other,” another commenter added.

Do you love these lessons Will Smith taught his kids and the friends of his kids? Have you taught your children similar lessons? Let us know in the comments!

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