Woman Learns Via a Feature Piece in The New York Times That Her Ex-Husband Allegedly Cheated on Her

On August 9, The New York Times featured a local couple who were newly married in a column known as “Vows.” This particular couple has been identified as Robert and Lauren and the feature piece dove into how and when they met, as well as some of the details of their wedding.

However, while most people reading the column may have been just doing it for their enjoyment, Robert’s ex-wife says it’s how she discovered he had cheated on her. According to Nikyta Moreno, Robert’s alleged infidelity is what Moreno now believes led to the demise of their marriage. She just didn’t know it until now.

woman learns via a feature piece in the new york times that her ex-husband allegedly cheated on her

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Woman Learns Ex Cheated on Her in a New York Times Article

Moreno is now sharing her side of the story with the New York Post. Three weeks ago, a friend called Moreno to tell her about the NYT article. She also urged Moreno not to read it, saying, “Nikyta, an article has come out about Rob. Don’t read it. You will only get upset.”

And her one friend wasn’t the only one to see the article, several family members and other friends saw it as well and also shared their disgust with Moreno. While talking with those who read the article, she told the New York Post that she asked them to summarize it for her because, at the time, she couldn’t bring herself to read it with her own two eyes.

woman learns via a feature piece in the new york times that her ex-husband allegedly cheated on her

In The New York Times article about Robert and Lauren, the couple shared that they met in January 2017 after Lauren had joined the same gym where Robert worked out as well. After Lauren caught his eye, he would occupy Lauren’s time with conversation when her trainer would walk away.

Two days later, the couple went on their first date. Then one turned into two and so on and so forth. Robert and Lauren connected with each other almost immediately. As the article continued, it revealed that Lauren was divorced with two children from that previous relationship but made no mention of the fact that Robert was once married as well.

In fact, according to Moreno, she and Robert were still married in January 2017, when Robert and Lauren met. In fact, Moreno and Robert didn’t even split until March 2017 and their divorce wasn’t finalized until January 2018.

Moreno told the New York Post that she had no idea her ex-husband had been in a year-long relationship by the time their divorce was official. “That was news to me,” Moreno said, adding that it wasn’t until she read The New York Times article that she finally understood why they divorced in the first place.

woman learns via a feature piece in the new york times that her ex-husband allegedly cheated on her

“My friends contacted the paper, which issued a correction on Rob’s previous marital status. But I still felt completely erased. He was publicly admitting that he dated this woman while we were married — the details of his infidelity laid out on the page. When I put their presentation next to the truth, it was like one of those ­reality-versus-Instagram memes come to life.”

As the ex-wife continued, she explained that they had met in a similar fashion, at a gym after they had locked eyes through the window. First, she and Robert were just friends, but it wasn’t long before their relationship turned romantic. This was in 2013.

“On December 23, 2015, we married in a civil ceremony. But we also planned a big wedding for August 12, 2017, in his hometown of Dallas,” Moreno said. Around their one-year wedding anniversary, Moreno’s family flew in from her native country, England, to help with some of the party planning, in December 2016.

It was about three months after that that things between them shifted. They had just returned from a friend’s wedding when she “could sense something was wrong. When we returned, he said he needed space. Worried that he was stressed about wedding planning or work, I said I would leave for a week to stay with a friend.”

By the time she returned to their home, Robert asked her for a divorce. “He stopped communicating with me and refused to go to therapy. I wondered if he had a medical ­issue that had changed his personality,” Moreno admitted. And when asked by Moreno’s mother why Robert didn’t call off their marriage sooner, he reportedly claimed that he didn’t know he felt the way that he did.

woman learns via a feature piece in the new york times that her ex-husband allegedly cheated on her | according to nikyta moreno, robert's alleged infidelity is what moreno now believes led to the demise of their marriage.

“Now, thanks to his wedding announcement, I understand what changed in that small window. He had met another woman,” she told the New York Post. She said even his own family was surprised by the end of their marriage.

“That same month, I found out I was pregnant. He told me that he didn’t want the baby. In May, I miscarried — I believe it was because of the stress. I called from the hospital but he didn’t come. Nothing can compare to that hurt.”

Although The New York Times article had opened up some old wounds, Moreno admits that if Robert and Lauren are meant to be, she hopes they remain happy. But with that said, she still wishes Robert would have been honest with her, especially when she asked him point-blank if he had met someone else after abruptly asking for a divorce.

In response to the Post’s article, Robert called it surprising. “Nikyta and I were separated and both consented to a mutual and amicable divorce. This is all very surprising to me and I was unaware that there was ever an issue. I’m happy with my family and I wish Nikyta the best.”

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As for where Moreno is now, she says she has found love again with a wonderful person who checks all of the boxes.

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