A Woman’s Future Mother-in-Law Walks in On Her Naked & Recoils Over Her ‘Unsuitable’ Body

Body shaming women is never okay, but it stings, even more, when that judgment is coming from family. A woman with tattoos and body piercings recently had a horrendous experience with her future mother-in-law (MIL) who walked in on her naked and then berated her for body art.

The woman shared her story on a Reddit forum called JNMIL (Just No MIL). The forum was established for Redditors to vent, get advice, and deal with toxic behavior from their mothers-in-law. The woman writes on the forum that her MIL is now trying to convince her fiancé that she’s not “a suitable wife.”

A woman shared her story about a horrible body-shaming incident with her MIL.

A Woman's Future Mother-in-Law Walks in On Her Naked & Recoils Over Her 'Unsuitable' Body

“So right off the bat, I have my nipples pierced and a couple hidden tattoos, most ‘scandalous’ is an outline of a heart on my [a**] cheek,” the woman started the post.

Because of the health crisis, she and her fiancé were visiting his parents and delivering food and supplies to their rural home. Her MIL insisted they both shower and change clothes, out of an abundance of caution before spending time in her home. “A little wild but it’s ok it makes her feel more comfortable,” the poster wrote.

After taking a shower, the poster was about to get dressed when her mother-in-law walked in on her while she was still naked.

A Woman's Future Mother-in-Law Walks in On Her Naked & Recoils Over Her 'Unsuitable' Body

“I was changing into the clothes she gave me when she walked into the room and saw me butt [a**] naked, meaning she saw all my bits and pieces including the previously mentioned nipple piercings and tattoo on my [a**],” the poster explained.

“Instead of acting embarrassed like a normal person, she stood in the open doorway and started berating me, saying how she couldn’t believe I had modified my body in this way and how now I wasn’t a suitable wife for her son,” the post continued. “I’m gonna be someone’s mother one day and they’re going to have to live with their mother being a ‘whore’ with a tattoo on her butt.”

Fortunately, the woman’s fiancé overheard and ushered his mother out of the room right away.

A Woman's Future Mother-in-Law Walks in On Her Naked & Recoils Over Her 'Unsuitable' Body

Out of the room, the angry MIL continued yelling at her son about what she’d seen. She told her son that she was sure that “plenty of men saw those piercings.”

“She got them while we were together so probably not,” the woman’s fiancé replied.

The couple decided it wasn’t worth it to continue to argue and decided to leave the house. Ever since the incident, the MIL has “been blowing up his [the poster’s fiancé’s] cell and work phone talking about how inappropriate I am.”


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“Very funny how I’m the inappropriate one when she’s the one who stood there gawking at me naked.”


The poster clarified, “I have facial piercings and a couple visible tattoos so it’s not like these were a total shock, but she also hates those. Her biggest problem was with my nipple piercings.”

Okay. So this means this women’s future MIL was aware that she had piercings and tattoos but caused a fuss when she found out there were more underneath her clothing. We think that is not only wildly inappropriate, it also doesn’t make much logical sense. We were not the only ones.

Redditors could not believe the rudeness of the judgemental in-law.


“She sounds like a right piece of work that one,” one commenter wrote. “I feel for your partner, his mother showing her rude self like that and fair play to him for getting you outta there babe.”

“The biggest problem is she walked in on you naked and didn’t immediately apologize and leave!” a second person agreed. “I’m sorry but that is a huge violation and I don’t give a [f***k] if she was in her last phase of life I wouldn’t go back until I got an apology.”

“She has a [h*ll] of a lot of nerve berating a person bringing her things she needs to survive,” a third commenter wrote. “Her priorities are totally [f***ked] up.”

We were so pleased the comments on the post reflected our own feelings about the situation. In fact, none of the nearly 400 comments on the post side with the MIL. Body-shaming is just wrong. Don’t do it… ever, but especially never to family. It’s not right.


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