ANOTHER Woman Reveals She Picked Up Brian Laundrie Hitchhiking After TikToker Did

On September 23, a second woman has come forward saying that after Miranda Baker picked up Brian Laundrie hitchhiking, she also gave Brian a ride. 

According to Fox News, Norma Jean Jalovec was visiting a well-known church in Wyoming when she had the sense to ask Brian where he was going. Norma was only a seasonal resident of Wyoming, the other part of the year, she lives in the same state Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito lived in; Florida.

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According to Fox, Norma realized she too gave Brian a ride after seeing Baker’s TikTok. Norma says she dropped Brian off at the Spread Creek camping area around 6:30 or 6:40 p.m.

As you may recall, Spread Creek is where a group of YouTubers and a TikToker saw Brian and Gabby Petito’s white Ford Van. It was also this area where Gabby’s body was found.

“I picked him up…” Jelovec said. “… Something just said, ‘Hey, ask him where he’s going.'” She had said he was walking backwards with his thumb out when she stopped. 

Once Brian Laundrie got into Jelovec’s car, he asked her if she was going to Jackson. When she said no, he then asked her if she would just drop him off at Spread Creek. Norma agreed.

Norma said their conversation mimicked the small talk Baker held with Laundrie. He mentioned where he had been camping and that he had a fiancé. It remains unclear why Laundrie was so set on getting to Jackson.

On the ride to Spread Creek, Jalovec said she took a sharp right turn, causing a Bible on her dashboard to fall onto Laundrie’s lap. He picked up the book and put it back on the dashboard, Fox reported

Once Norma dropped Brian off at the gated entrance of the campsite, she offered to drive him all the way in. However, that’s when Brian attempted to get out of the car while it was still in motion. She even tried to joke with him about it.

“Everything’s legitimate. Everything’s corroborated. I already talked to the FBI,” Jalovec told Fox. “I can’t explain why I was there. It was something I don’t typically do. I don’t pick up hitchhikers in Florida. I’ve gotten so much s*t from family and friends for picking up a hitchhiker.”

Below is the article about Miranda Baker’s run-in with Brian Laundrie, which has also been revealed to the FBI.

A woman is claiming that she and her boyfriend picked up Brian Laundrie, the fiancée of missing person Gabby Petito, as he was hitchhiking in Wyoming. According to TikTok, Miranda Baker claims that on August 29, she and her boyfriend picked Laundrie up to give him a ride around 5:30 p.m.

Baker was at Grand Teton Nation Park in Colter Bay. “I’m hoping this can help someone identify him because I saw him on TikTok,” Baker explained, obviously not knowing who Brian Laundrie was when she and her boyfriend gave him a ride.

Baker confirmed that she also told her story to the authorities and that they had been in contact with a bunch of different people who are actively searching for Brian Laundrie’s fiancée, Gabby Petito. “He approached us, asking us for a ride cause he needed to go to Jackson, which we were going to Jackson that night,” Baker continued.

At that point, Baker and her boyfriend agreed to take him to Jackson and Laundrie hopped in the back of their Jeep. From there, they proceeded to make “small talk.”

Baker claims that Laundrie went as far as to offer them $200 if they would take him to Jackson even though Jackson was only 10 miles from Colter Bay. “That was kind of weird,” she admitted on TikTok.

Brian also explained to his drivers that he had been camping for multiple days along Snake River “without his fiancé.” He went as far as to tell them that his fiancé stayed back at the van to “work on their social media page.”

Miranda Baker Creates Separate Video Including Text Messages and Maps 

However, something quickly changed during their drive when Baker brought up that they were going to Jackson. At this point, Brian Laundrie reportedly started to freak out, asking them to pull over and saying that he needed to get out “right now.” 

Baker admits she doesn’t know why he became agitated because there is no other place in the area called Jackson, other than Jackson Hole, which is where they were heading.

“We dropped him off at 6:09 p.m. on August 29,” Baker said after pulling off into Jackson Dam. “He kind of like hurried out of the car,” before telling them that he was going to try someone else to hitchhike with.

Baker described Laundrie as wearing a backpack when they picked him up, a long sleeve shirt and pants on, as well as hiking boots and he was sporting “scruff” on his face. However, Baker also pointed out that for someone who had been camping for days, Laundrie did look dirty, nor did he smell dirty.

“I just hope this helps someone remember seeing him,” Baker said before adding that she just hopes they find Gabby Petito.

Baker also says she never say Petito or the white van they were traveling in. She also said Brian never called Petito by her name, only ever referred to her as her fiancé.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, the last time Gabby Petito verbally spoke to any of her parents was on August 25 after speaking to her mom about heading to Yellowstone National Park. According to her parents, they had received multiple texts from Gabby’s phone up until August 30. 

On September 1, Brian Laundrie returned to Florida in the van the couple had modified for their vacation. This was just two days after Baker claims to have picked him up.

Ten days later, on September 11, the same day the missing person report was filed, Laundrie was pulled over in the van in Florida. Gabby was not inside.

Since then Brian Laundrie has been named a person of interest, but not yet a suspect in this case. It was revealed on September 17 that Brian’s whereabouts cannot be confirmed.

Today, September 18, the Petito family issued a statement saying, “All of Gabby’s family want the world to know that Brian is not missing, he is hiding. Gabby is missing.” 

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