woman posts ad for doing baby's nails -- reactions priceless

Woman Posts Ad For Doing Baby’s Nails — The Reactions Are Priceless

One woman’s post is going viral on Reddit after sharing an ad for doing baby’s nails — and the reactions from users exactly what you’d expect: honest and tragically funny.

Scroll away for the best comments (but be warned they are shockingly hilarious.)

woman posts ad for doing baby's nails -- reactions priceless
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“This should be a PSA.”

“You forget to cut your kids nails once… and you don’t forget again! This sort of nonsense is going to end in f****** bloodshed.”

“Unpopular opinion if you could make these not that horrifying (for a baby) sharp and long shape, and instead like a short, tasteful square or rounded cut and you could eliminate the choking hazard somehow, like gorilla glue strength but nontoxic adhesive instead of fragile acrylic (perhaps if its bio gel and you made sure it wasn’t on long enough to weaken?? Its softer too, You literally cant scratch with a bio gel set) … i might get matching manis with my hypothetical 1 year old idk thats kinda cute.”

woman posts ad for doing baby's nails -- reactions priceless

Excuse me, say what?

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“Does she also handle traumatic eyeball injury? Because I mean…”

“That’s a deadly weapon, without the fake nails. Now it’s a weapon of mass destruction.”

“Please don’t do this.. they already scratch themselves and others with their mini talons and few live to tell the tale.”

woman posts ad for doing baby's nails -- reactions priceless

The face we all are collectively making right now…

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“Imagine meeting up with the girls and being like look at my absolutely sickning infant… when has your baby ever had this class, carol?”

“Why does that look like it could be the opening shot of a horror movie about demonic, yet fabulous, babies?”

“Doesn’t bear thinking about. I can visualise one with an eyeball on the end of it.”

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