Would You Be Okay If Your Husband Created an Only Fans Account?

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QUESTION: How would you feel if your husband had an Only Fans account?

“I wanted to hear other moms’ opinions about this; how would you feel if your husband had only a fan account. I was ok with porn, but Only fans are more than that; I just don’t like it, and he says he doesn’t get on it but keeps making new accounts. What would you do, or am I being crazy like he claims”

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Would You Be Okay If Your Husband Created an Only Fans Account?

Community Answers

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“Not ok. Don’t let him make you think you’re crazy. Especially if he’s making other accounts. That’s gaslighting. If you had one he would not like it one bit.”

“I’m actually ok with only fans. But him blatantly lying is not good. I can’t trust someone that I know lies to my face.”

“Porn is fine, and it’s also free. But you spend money, and we’re gonna have a problem.”

“I would definitely not be okay with it but I’m not okay with porn. He is legit pain to see women naked when he has a wife in his bed? Are you not good enough? Or do your feelings just not matter?”

“He’s gaslighting you by calling you crazy when this is clearly crossing boundaries in your marriage.”

“Make an account for yourself and see how he feels about it after that.”

“This sounds very inappropriate for a married person.”

“Nope not okay. If he thinks your crazy, you should make an only fans account and post sexy pictures of yourself and you’ll see how quickly he will change his mind.”

“Boy bye I ain’t got time to be worrying about what the hubby is doing No trust = no relationship and if he isn’t on it then why make new accounts unless he is hiding something?”

“Yeah, that’s where I’d draw the line. I’d give him a choice & be ready to follow through. If he doesn’t, you leave. He’ll either come back or he won’t.
But you decide what you settle for.”

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