Wynonna Judd Gives Update on Mental Health: ‘You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down for Too Long’

Wynonna Judd is still learning to overcome the pain and grief she feels after her mother, Naomi Judd, committed suicide in April 2022, but she wants her fans to know that she’s doing okay. She expressed as much in a TikTok video published on Tuesday, adding you ‘can’t keep a good woman down for too long.’

Wynonna shared a special bond with her late mother, forming the famous country music duo The Judds and recording 14 No. 1 hits together. The duo was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2022 for their dedication to their craft – Naomi retired in 1990, while Wynonna has continued her solo career. 

Wynonna Judd Opens Up About Her Late Mother Naomi Judd, Who Committed Suicide in April
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Since learning of her mother’s death by suicide nearly nine months ago, Wynonna Judd has remained an open book regarding the thoughts, feelings, emotions, and pain she experiences. That was no different on Tuesday when she responded to a fan’s comment that she didn’t appear well in her videos recently. 

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“Well, I’m okay,” the 58-year-old country music legend said to begin her TikTok video. “I have heard some of the comments and, the first thought I had was: opinions and buttholes. And then I realized people are genuinely concerned, so I want to respond to THAT piece,” she continued – filming in her living room. 

She goes on to explain how hard she is working to maintain a healthy mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. She praises her team for helping her stay motivated throughout her mental health journey and considers herself ‘really blessed.’ She’s ‘broken,’ but is working very hard at self-care.  

“Just know that I’m me, I work really hard, we call it Wynonna Incorporated (Inc.) because I incorporate a lot into my life. I have a very full schedule, but I also have time off to be on the farm, walk in the woods, and take the dogs. Tonight is Mexican night, we’re playing games, and it’s family,” she continued. 

She concluded the video with a powerful sentence that she hopes resonates with her fanbase – “You can’t keep a good woman down for too long.” The video was a little more than a minute long and was her first video of the new year. She previously posted a “year in review” type of post on December 31st. 

Wynonna Judd Has Been Open About Her Mother’s Suicide

Wynonna Judd has remained vocal about her mother’s suicide and the rollercoaster of emotions she has experienced over the past nine months. She understands that there are far too many people either going through or who already went through the reality she’s living – and she wants them to know they’re not alone.

In May, she wrote in an Instagram post about how ‘the pain of losing Mom on 4/30 to suicide is so great, that I often feel like I’m not ever going to be able to fully accept and surrender to the truth that she left the way she did. This cannot be how The Judds story ends” – adding that she feels ‘helpless’ over her loss. 

In November, Wynonna Judd discussed how close she came to canceling The Judds: The Last Tour. After seeing the amount of love and support she received from fans, she decided to continue on with the tour in 2023 in honor of her mother. She will be joined by a slew of other artists honoring her mother’s legacy.  

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“So many people wanna say, ‘she’s in a better place. I don’t want her to be in a better place. I want her here with me. And he [the grief counselor] would just remind me, you’re right where you’re supposed to be,” she said in November. “You’re not gonna get over something, you’re gonna walk through it each time. And if it takes a million times, then so be it. It’s OK. You’re right on time.”

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