YouTube Star Brittani Boren Leach Says Late Son Is ‘Good’ When Asked About Her Baby Boy Because That’s What He Is

It’s been one month since YouTube star Brittani Boren Leach‘s infant son Crew passed away. As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Leach discovered her 3-month-old son unresponsive after putting him down for a nap on Christmas Day.

After rushing him to a nearby hospital, Leach, and her husband Jeff, made the decision to donate their young son’s organs.

And on December 30, as Leach wrote on Instagram, “our sweet Crew went to be with Jesus today. I rode on the bed with him to the O.R, with Jeff walking beside me as the surgical team pushed us through the halls.”

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Several days later, the mom of five revealed that Crew’s donated organs saved the lives of two children. She wrote:

“We got the bittersweet call a few days ago, that his liver saved the life of a 1-year-old boy, and his heart saved the life of a 7-month-old boy. He would be 4 months old today, and every fiber of my being misses him every single second of the day. But I have peace knowing that he was THE miracle that another family prayed for, and we pray that we are able to meet these precious boys one day. In three short months, he has touched and changed more lives than most in their lifetime, and despite the pain, I’m so proud God chose me to be his Mother.”

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I can usually keep my feelings at bay during the day because I can easily distract myself. But in the evenings they hit me the hardest. I’m really sick of being a part of this stupid “club” that no one wants to be in. And for that one person who will HAVE to ask who took this photo…. yes this photo was taken by a volunteer at @nowilaymedowntosleep who offered to come to the hospital at 10pm to take a few last photos before we said our final “see you later” the following day. There is SO much I want to say. For over three years our life has been documented on YouTube, and I’ve always shared openly about motherhood here on Instagram. It’s just natural to me, to express my emotions and grieve openly. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you’ve NEVER kissed your child goodbye forever outside of O.R. doors, or held your lifeless child’s body in your arms, or felt the deep dark hole that losing a child leaves in your heart…. then any rude passive aggressive comments that you leave are from something very sick inside of you and I will pray for you. The tone of this post may sound angry, and to every degree I think I have that right, it’s a stage of grief so they say. I do want to say THANK YOU to SO MANY OF YOU, for helping me get through this with your countless thoughts and prayers. I’ve been living off of coffee and GrubHub thanks to so many kind people, and it is my mission going forward to bless anyone who may find themselves in my shoes one day. And I hope you never do. ???? #crewscrew ????: @collstreetphotography

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Despite the heartbreak Leach and her family have endured over the last month, the YouTube star has remained fairly open and honest during this difficult journey. And in one of her most recent Instagram posts, she talked about how she’s been responding to people who ask about Crew.

Brittani Boren Leach Explained Why She Tells People Her Late Son Crew Is ‘Good’

Leach began by explaining, “Today I wanted to get out, so I went to get a pedicure where I’ve always gone for a few years now. I was hoping they wouldn’t… but sure enough, they asked, “How’s your baby?” Not because they know what happened, but because I had brought him with me a few times.”

And the mom admitted she answered their question with a simple, “Good!” She continued:

“What else do you say? HOW do you say it? When do you say it? The more I sat and thought about it, the more I realized that he is good! He’s in Heaven! As Cooper would say, ‘He’s flying!’ He will never experience the hurt, pain, and sadness of this world.”

She then added, “He will never experience the pain of ‘losing’ a child. I hate the term, ‘losing’ or ‘loss’ because I didn’t lose him, I KNOW exactly where he is. And I just can’t wait to see his smile again. I miss it so so much.”

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Thousands of people responded to Leach’s post, including Amber Smith, who lost her 3-year-old son River in a drowning incident in June 2019. Amber wrote, in solidarity:

“I remember feeling so bad when I went to get a pedicure for River’s funeral. Like people would see me and think, ‘her baby just died, why is she getting a pedicure?’ I hate that the enemy sneaks in like that. I wanted my toes red, his favorite color. I’ve painted them red ever since. I’m so sorry you have to answer that question. It’s so hard, but you’re so right! He’s good! He’s happy! And he would want his mama to take care of herself and get pampered! Still praying for you every day and I still need to come hug you and get coffee soon.”

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