13 ‘You’ve Changed’ Memes That Underline The Ridiculousness That Is 2020

How has 2020 changed everyone? Let us count the ways. In response to pretty much everything going absolutely haywire this year, a new meme has emerged. People are now taking to Twitter to share the ways the year has made them evolve. To no one’s surprise, people had a lot to share about how they’ve changed this year, with the responses ranging from hilarious to more serious. (But mostly, they’re pretty funny.)

We’ve gathered up some of our favorites below.

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13 Funny “You’ve Changed” Memes and Tweets

We’ve all had a lot more time (too much!) alone in our heads this year.

It’s fair to say the results are mixed.

Golf claps for this guy.

Sometimes you just have to put yourself first, right?

Well, he’s got a point.  

What’s life without a little growth?

Things were definitely very different this summer.

Having a solo dance party just isn’t the same.

The most literal translation of the meme.

But, to be fair, sometimes the outfit just doesn’t quite work.

It’s ok, sometimes you just need a good cry.

No judgment!

Utterly devastated that One Direction didn’t reunite.

It has rocked us to our core.

No entertainment outside the house changes a person.

Been binging plenty of shows on Netflix to make up for it though.

Relationship goals.

Can’t wait to go on dates again after this is all over!

Going for a whole new look this year.

It’s honestly way less work.

Just trying something new.

It’s very refreshing so going to stick with it.

Quarantine makes you revaluate your relationships.

And sometimes they’re just not worth continuing.

The quarantine diet didn’t go so well.

So I gave up and baked a lot instead.

It’s fair to say that everyone has been changed by recent events, both in small and big ways. At least the “you’ve changed” memes keep us entertained while we navigate this whole new world.

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