Zach and Tori Roloff Discuss The Possibility Of Having An Average Height Child

Tori and Zach Roloff discussed what having a child of average height would look like just before the birth of their third child.

In an clip from Tuesday’s episode of Little People, Big World, the family spoke on the possibility before he was born that their third child could be of average height.

Zach and Tori Roloff Discuss The Possibility Of Having An Average Height Child

The two welcomed Josiah Luke to the world this past April. Josiah Luke joined big brother Jackson Kyle, 5, and big sister Lilah Ray, 2.

“We had a doctor’s appointment today, ultrasound, checking on baby. It was kinda fun because I got to show both kids the ultrasound pictures,” Tori says in the clip, revealing photos on her phone to show Jackson and Lilah. At the time of filming the episode, Tori had was still pregnant with Luke.

“All the measurements are average for the weeks, so not a dwarf,” Zach says across the room.

“I’m getting average height vibes. It’s right on track. All the long bones are on track,” Tori adds. She went on to say that she thinks “it would be fun to have an average height baby.”

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Zach shared how having a child of average height would be “a different experience” that “changes the dynamic a little bit.”

“I would imagine having all dwarf siblings just kinda like, ‘Hey we’re a pack and that’s the outside world,'” said Zach, who has a form of dwarfism and has three siblings of average height “When you have an average height sibling, (you think) ‘I wish I was more like my sibling.’ It changes the dynamic a little bit.”

While Tori is of average height, Zach has achondroplasia — the most common form of dwarfism. The couple’s first two children, Jackson and Lilah, also have the condition.

And just recently, Tori and Zach revealed that Josiah was also born with the same condition.

“He’s Josiah. He has achondroplasia, but he’s not, like, Josiah the achondroplasia,” Zach, 32, told Us Weekly. Zach’s parents also have achondroplasia, while Zach’s three siblings do not. “It’s not his identity.”

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“Just like I’m Tori, I have brown hair,” Tori added. “I’m not a brunette. That’s not how I would classify myself.”

If you are not aware, Achondroplasia is a genetic condition that impacts the fibroblast growth factor receptor. This then leads to shorter bones, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. The average adult height in people with achondroplasia is between 42 and 56 inches.

“We have so many resources and there’s a lot of parents out there who don’t have the same resources and don’t have the same confidence in everything that Zach and I do,” Tori told the outlet.

“We will definitely be advocates for people with dwarfism because of our kids,” Zach added.

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