10 Mother's Day Gifts Ideas to Show Mom You Care, From Near or Afar

10 Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas to Show Mom You Care, From Near or Afar

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and the health crisis is making it hard for us all to find mom the perfect gift. Because of social distancing and fears of passing the novel coronavirus to older individuals, many mothers and grandparents are not going to get to see their babies this year. Add to the mix travel restrictions, and you’ve got a lot to factor in before visiting mom.

While many shops have been deemed nonessential, Amazon is a great place to shop for gifts that can be safely delivered to your mother’s front door. If you’re unable to shop for mom or grandma in person, you might consider sending something sweet via Amazon. It allows you to keep your distance while still showing you care. Here’s our roundup of 10 gifts we think mom will love and will get to mom even if you can’t. Happy Mother’s Day!

10. State 100% Pure Cashmere Knitted Loungewear – For the Cozy Mom

A cozy set of loungewear that feels super lux without costing a fortune, the State 100% Pure Cashmere Knitted Loungewear Set might be perfect to keep mom feeling warm and comforted. The set is comfortable enough to wear around the house, but also stylish enough to wear on a quick grocery run.

9. Dohm Classic White Noise Machine – For the Zen Mom

We could all use something to drown out the noise, right? The Dohm Original White Noise Machine is an excellent gift that will allow mom to have a better night’s sleep or just clear her mind for a moment. Yoga studios and meditation experts use these types of machines to allow people to truly space out and encourage feeling your own breath.

8. ARS Pocket Shears – For the Gardening Mom

If your mom loves to garden, send her a pair of the ARS Pocket Shears. This 7-inch pruning tool is lightweight and makes tending to the garden easier than ever. While a utility like a gardening tool might not seem like the perfect gift, serious gardeners appreciate anything that makes their jobs easier. This universal tool makes trimming, pruning, and cutting a breeze. Mom will appreciate that!

7. L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream – For the Hydrated Mom

For dry, cracked hands, nothing beats shea butter. One of our favorite formulas comes from L’Occitane and provides excellent moisture without being overly greasy. The L’Occitane 20% Shea Butter Hand Cream gets the job done and getting some fancy French hand cream is never a bad thing!

6. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron Dutch Oven – For the Culinary Mom

While we’re talking luxury French stuff, consider this amazing dutch oven from Le Creuset. This dutch oven is for the mom who would never splurge on it for herself but has great taste in cookware and kitchen equipment. Le Creuset is known for making quality dutch ovens that last decades with many getting passed down to the next generation. If spending hundreds of dollars on a pot is not your speed, consider the Lodge Dutch Oven that’s a good quality dutch oven at a fraction of the price.

5. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – For the Mom With a Better Blowout than You

For the mom who is always having a good hair day, consider getting her a fancy hairdryer. The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is lightweight and prevents heat damage to the hair. This precise hairdryer is the most advanced on the market with tons of features and tools available for optimal styling.

4. Casper Memory-Foam Dog Bed – For the Mom Who Also Has Furry Children

Many moms love their furbabies and a gift for their pet is actually a gift for them. Casper makes some incredible memory-foam dog beds that dogs absolutely love. The beds use the same technology as the Casper human beds and if it’s good enough for a person, it’s got to be good enough for Fido.

3. Vivora Luno Sitting Ball Chair – For the Mom Who is in Better Shape than You

Sitting on a balance ball is great for alignment and the Vivora Luno Ball Chair won’t make your mom’s office look like a gym. This stylish ball chair improves and activates good posture and can be used for low-impact exercises.

2. Marble Wine Chiller – For the Rosé All Day Mom

The Modern Innovations Wine Chiller looks elegant and keeps white wine, rosé, and champagne chilly. This stone container is a multipurpose gift that not only keeps drinks cool, it also is designed to work as a vase for flowers or a kitchen utensil holder. Cheers!

1. Breville One-Touch Tea Maker – For the Mom Who is Very into Teatime

For tea-loving moms, the Breville One-Touch Tea Maker makes an incredible cup of tea and an amazing gift. This tea brewing system will let mom hit a button and let the tea steep with reckless abandon. This tea maker contains a robotic arm that continuously dunks tea leaves in hot water for the perfect cup of tea.

None of us expected to face a global health pandemic on Mother’s Day, but alas… Giving these gifts might not be the same this year, but at least you can send mom something special to let her know you care.

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