10 Hilarious Parenting Memes for When You’re Desperately Craving Alone Time

Most people need a little alone time every now and then. Unfortunately, if you are a parent, alone time is… hard to come by, to say the least. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. And sometimes you have to settle for what’s second best, so instead of alone time, you can settle for some alone time memes.

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If you’re anything like us, this describes your typical weekend:

  • Friday: Hosted friends for pizza party and decorated pumpkins. Attempted to clean up mess of both pizza and pumpkins while wondering why we don’t just go out to eat. Remember children have taken out Every. Single. Toy. and that is why we can’t go out.
  • Saturday: Despite fact child has gone to bed much later than normal, am awoken an hour earlier than expected. WHY?! Build approximately 1000 towers. Go to park for hours. Drinks lots and lots of coffee.
  • Sunday: Child went to bed early and woke up earlier than normal (again, WHY?!). Attend children’s birthday party at the park. Stop for lunch because child has only consumed sugar. Play date. Grocery shopping. Melt downs from all parties involved.   

If the above sounds like something you’ve experienced, you might be craving some alone time.  If you can’t get it IRL, we’ve put together some of our favorite memes that best capture the need for me time.

10 Hilarious Parenting Memes for When You’re Craving Alone Time

When you’re willing to experience the horrors of grocery shopping on a Sunday for alone time.

… In fact, I would rather that than take the kids.

But, also, this:

We’re willing to take ‘me time’ in any form.

Finally saw La La Land: Who’s ready to discuss?!

If everything else fails, a quick trip around the moon should give you just enough downtime.

The threat is real. Real appealing.

Stays up late to catch up on emails Netflix.

Kids get to eat tons of sugar while you get time to yourself. Yes, please!  

And, sometimes you just can’t get a break and your day is more like…

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Stay tuned for more hilarious parenting memes about alone time (and all of our other parenting struggles) in future posts!

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