12 Powerful Water Birth Photos That Really Show the Beauty and Emotion

Women give birth in all kinds of ways – in the hospital, vaginally or by C-section, with doulas or midwives, or among family and friends at home. Water births, in particular, have grown in popularity in the U.S. in the past few years as birthing centers and hospitals offer them as a birthing option. They can also be conducted at home in a birth pool filled with warm water.

A water birth is defined as any birth where at least part of your labor occurs in water. For some, it’s either the labor or delivery, while for others it’s both. Images from water births are powerful examples of the miracle of giving birth and we’ve put together some of our favorite water birth tributes below.

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12 Powerful Water Birth Photos

Pure emotion when they finally meet their little one.

Nothing but love.

It takes a small village to welcome a new baby into the world.

Such a powerful family moment.

First family photo after their water birth!

It will be remembered forever.

Love the inspirational notes behind this powerful mama.

A very sweet image of a mom with her newborn.

Such a moving photo of parents meeting their child for the first time.

Nothing but raw emotion.

Such a beautiful moment at home.

That baby is surrounded by love.

Siblings first meeting!

Love that they get to be part of the whole process.

Happy tears after welcoming a new life.

Such a sweet and powerful image.

Hello, world!

I’m so glad to be here.

It’s a family affair to welcome two new lives.

Their brothers and sisters can’t wait to hold the babies too!

All of the emotions captured in one photo.

Love, exhaustion, disbelief – all of it.

Skin-to-skin is the best feeling with your new baby.

So much love.

The beauty of water births – like any way to give birth – is that it’s a mother’s choice based on their risk factors and what they’re most comfortable with. These mamas decided to have a water birth and welcomed beautiful new lives into the world as a result. Congratulations to them and all new mamas out there!

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