15 Adorably Themed Baby Shower Food Ideas

If you have a baby shower coming up and are looking for some inspiration when it comes to what to serve, look no further!

Below we have a few of our favorite themed, baby shower food ideas that everyone is sure to love…

15. It’s All About the Mom To Be

That’s right! MOM-osas are fun, fruity and flavorful. For this baby shower idea, excite your guests with lots of champagne, berries and juices — don’t forget to label everything with these adorable labels that are free and printable! Be sure to pair your mom-osas with a gorgeous fruit tray.

14. Pass the Popcorn Please

That’s right, a sweet lil popcorn theme! Make your own little “rattle” popcorn balls or fill treat bags with this delicious and easy white chocolate-covered popcorn for a more elevated food experience.

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13. Classic Pink & Blue Hues

If you are a big fan of the classic blue and pink hues, try dipping any type of your favorite dessert in colored chocolate. That’s right! Oreos, strawberries, pretzels — you name it, you can dip it! Here is our favorite melting chocolate for crafting colorful snacks that pop!

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12. A Woodland Fantasy

If your vibe is a woodland fantasy-type baby shower, try crafting a rustic “cheese hedgehog” for the main centerpiece. Of course, don’t forget the leaf-shaped tortilla chips!

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11. Boho Through The Seasons

If you’re a boho mama, this shower theme is for you! When it comes to food, it’s all about the decor. Whatever sweet treats you decide on will be elevated by your free-style spirit. Our favorite food that pairs well with this theme is a Fig Appetizer With Brie And Spiced Honey.

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10. Sunflower Child

If you are a fan of florals, why not try a sunflower-themed baby shower? Create a sunflower cookie platter like this or decorate your favorite foods with this wreath of sunflowers.

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9. Little Lumberjacks

If you’re looking to go with the popular (and adorable) lumberjack theme for your baby shower, be sure to include this gorgeous plaid cake!

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8. Cottage Core Vibes

If the cottage core vibes are what you’re going for, try making these adorable Alice in Wonderland-style mushrooms as seen above to use as edible decoration on cupcakes or a stunning cake!

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7. It’s A Fiesta, Baby!

If you love a good fiesta, you will want to absolutely create your own cactus cupcakes that will not only be the talk of the party but also ridiculously delicious.

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6. The Simple & Elegant Gender Neutral

If you are not focused on including gender reveal at your baby shower, try crafting this simple and elegant buttermilk biscuit bar complete with a gorgeous array of compotes.

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5. BEE-utiful Baby Shower

If you are buzzing to keep your guests excited about your little bee, try creating these adorable bee macaroons! Cute, yummy and all the buzzzz!

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4. One Chill Beach Baby…

Having a beach-themed baby shower? Try creating these delicious cheesecake beach balls to go along with your sea-shell filled day!

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3. Mama Bear Bites…

They don’t call her a mama bear for anything! If you are having a teddy bear-themed baby shower, be sure to make these adorable bears-in-a-bubble-bath cupcakes.

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2. A Lil’ Cutie Is Coming!

And if you’re expecting a lil cutie, you’ll want plenty of cuties of course, and maybe some chocolate-dipped oranges? These are our favorites!

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1. A ‘To The Moon’ Menu…

If you are going to the moon and back for your little one, try creating these adorable Yule Moon cookies to go along with your picturesque moon baby shower.

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