For True Halloween Fans, Nothing Says Christmas Like a Halloween-Themed Tree

For many of us, Christmas is simply a sad reminder that the best holiday, Halloween has passed. Although the Christmas lights are pretty, their twinkling pales in comparison to the warm glow of a jack-o-lantern. But Halloween fanatics need be sad no longer. The latest trend for lovers of all things spooky is to bring the best of Halloween and marry it with the best of Christmas: yes, Halloween-themed Christmas trees are now officially a thing.

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Ever since Tim Burton blessed us with his wickedly fun Christmas/Halloween mashup, The Nightmare Before Christmas we’ve loved thinking about what the two holidays have in common. It’s only natural that people would take the next logical step and combine decorations for Halloween and Christmas to make a unique statement piece that beams with personality and character. Without further ado, we present 20 Halloween trees that will make you consider getting a little creepy this Christmas or a little Merry this Halloween!

The Reason for the Season: The Nightmare Before Christmas Tree

For fans of Jack Skellington and Sally, this Halloween tree features your favorite creepy lovers along with their friends from Halloweentown. What a delightfully dark tree.

A Ghostly Goth White Tree

Let your Christmas guests know you’ve got a chill this holiday. A white Christmas tree will show them you’re definitely in the Christmas “spirit.”

A Tri-Colored Candy Corn Tree

If you’re feeling a bit corny this year, consider decorating your Halloween tree like a piece of candy corn. Decorating your tree like a polarizing piece of candy might not bring harmony to the home, but it will bring color. We love that they’ve used Halloween masks as ornaments here!

Black Christmas Tree for a Gothic Touch

Are you dreaming of a black Christmas? We love this color scheme for a Halloween tree! Orange, green, black, and white are classic Christmas colors now, right?

Goulish Garland is On Trend

Take a look at this Halloween tree wrapped in black and orange garland! People are getting incredibly creative with finding ornaments for their Halloween trees and this one is no exception. We love the plush Dracula, Mummy, and Werewolf too!

A Tree that Strikes a Creepy/Merry Balance

If you’re a person who values compromise, you’re going to fall for this Halloween tree. It combines traditional Christmas ornaments with cobwebs and pumpkins. We’re not entirely sure what the popcorn and margarita ornaments are doing here, but we love both so, why not?

Darth Vader Tree Topper for the Win

Halloween Tree Scary Christmas Tree
jaci_vanhorn_84 / Instagram

This Halloween tree looks like something out of a Charlie Brown Christmas mingled with George Lucas. We really just like the Darth Vader tree topper instead of a star or angel. Vader might be Luke’s father and father Christmas.

Deck the Halls with Skulls and Eyeballs

At first glance, you might think this is a traditional Christmas tree. Take a closer look and you’ll see the ornaments are all skulls, eyeballs, and scary. Take a look at that cute skeleton-elf!

A Plum Purple Peril Tree

This pretty purple Halloween tree is hiding some creepy ornaments. A monochromatic masterpiece!

O Tannen-Bone! O Tannen-Bone!

Halloween Christmas Tree
hellsboutique / Instagram

Don’t lose your head! This Halloween tree has a bone to pick with you!

A Minimalist Halloween Tree

We love this subtle black and white Halloween tree. As you can tell from all the Nightmare Before Christmas decor, this tree is beautifully inspired.

A Gothic Girl Christmas Fantasy

If you don’t think your mother-in-law will approve of that skull-crusted Halloween tree, perhaps you can get away with this classy looking beauty. It’s a black Christmas tree with purple and silver decorations to keep things chilly.

A Baby Halloween Tree

This little Halloween tree is as sweet as candy. It would be a perfect creepy tree for apartment dwellers or those in small spaces.

A Ghostly Victorian Tree

Halloween Tree Better Than Christmas
_salemsupreme_ / Instagram

The word “gothic” gets thrown around a lot (guilty as charged), but this tree is truly Victorian and Gothic fiction inspired. Take a look at the black and white photos that resemble those eerie death portraits from the 19th century! Eeek!

A Beautifully Batty Tree

Halloween Tree for Christmas
everyroseirl / Instagram

Jack Skellington and some bats help to make the season bright. Correction: make the season fright.

A Creature Feature Tree

Arachnophobes beware! This Halloween tree looks like it’s been spun into that giant spider’s web!

A Tree with Gifts so Sinister

The Halloween tree pictured here is cute, but the gifts wrapped to match, make this one special. Do you think those gifts contain tricks or treats?

A Jack-O-Santa Tree

What a cute Halloween tree topped with Jack Skellington in a Santa hat. We hope ‘Sandy Claws’ brought some of those creepy gifts!

A Tree That’s Out for Blood

Okay, this Halloween tree probably doesn’t want to kill you. That red vampire queen on top of the tree does seem like she’s got some secrets.

A Spooky Silhouette Tree

Goth Christmas Tree Halloween Tree

Wow! This black and white tree is a stunner. Do you remember those snowflakes you used to make by cutting shapes out of a folded piece of paper? This Halloween tree takes that to a whole new level with spiders and skulls. We’ll take them over a snowflake any day!

Halloween Trees for Christmas

Did these Halloween trees make you feel a little better about your Christmas decorating this year? Why spread Christmas cheer when you can instill Christmas fear? We hope this post inspires your own #gothicchristmas or #halloweentrees!

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