A Heartwarming ‘First Day of School’ Photoshoot for Senior Living Residents

The vacation posts and beach photos are drying up from social media and that can only mean one thing. Summer vacation is coming to an end and school is getting back in session. In place of the sunfilled holiday photos, you’ll likely see parents posting their kid’s back-to-school photos. It’s a sweet way to commemorate another childhood milestone and update friends and family about what grade the kids are entering. 

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Kids can’t have all the fun. The Village on the Park senior living facility in Oklahoma City decided they’d get in on the action and post some photos of their seniors. “Everyone is posting ‘First Day of School’ pictures and Village on the Park wanted to be part of the fun! These beautiful ‘Seniors’ are living their BEST life and we can learn from their wisdom every day!!” a staff member wrote in a Facebook post. Along with that message, the facility posted photos of its senior residents with their own back-to-school style photos. No B2S photo is complete without a sign and the seniors were prepared. 

a heartwarming ‘first day of school’ photoshoot for senior living residents | a senior living center in oklahoma city called village on the park decided to try their hand had back-to-school photos for their residents.

You know it’s the back-to-school season when you see photos of kids with their first day of school signs. They usually include the kid’s age and what grade they’re starting. 

the elderly spoof the back-to-school photo tradition

It’s always cute to see little kiddos growing up and they do grow so fast. These photos help friends and family catch a glimpse into such an exciting time. 

retirees create their version of the back-to-school photos
Facebook / Village on the Park

A senior living center in Oklahoma City called Village on the Park decided to try their hand had back-to-school photos for their residents. The staff made signs for its residents and asked them to strike a pose with them. 

retirees poke fun at back-to-school photoshoots
Facebook / Village on the Park

The photos range from inspiring to funny. Each sign said, “The First Day of the Rest of My Life” and includes the resident’s name, age, graduation year, and a goal for the year to come. 

this is what it would look like if retirees were going back to school
Facebook / Village on the Park

The photos feature so many beautiful personalities. Each resident includes a goal for the year and that’s everyone’s favorite part! It’s amazing how much wisdom can be imparted with just one photo. 

retirees create their own vision of back-to-school photos
Facebook / Village on the Park

Many of the goals were bittersweet as residents hope to overcome health issues, see their families more, and try new things. They help remind us just how precious life is. 

this is what retirees wish for for the upcoming year
Facebook / Village on the Park

It’s uplifting to see so many people battling old age and health issues be so positive. Many of the signs said things like, “being a blessing to others.” What an amazing goal to have. 

retirees create hilarious version of back-to-school photos
Facebook / Village on the Park

With so many different answers it’s interesting to see how many lived experiences are housed in the same facility. There are so many big personalities and characters in this senior facility. 

what would it look like if retirees did back-to-school photos?
Facebook / Village on the Park

As the photos grew in popularity, many people reached out to the facility to see how they could help the seniors achieve their goals for the year. 

back-to-school photo spoof by retirees
Facebook / Village on the Park

The facility responded, “We are in the process coordinating a horseback ride for Leon, a picnic for Glendora and many more exciting things!” 

here's what it looks like when retirees recreate school year photos
Facebook / Village on the Park

“We would love for all of you to see pictures and updates on those things and also get to see all of the other fun we have around here!! :),” the staff added. They also made a Facebook group for people to write to residents. 

this is what retirees want to see for the upcoming year
Facebook / Village on the Park

The photos have inspired so many to live richer lives and even visit the seniors in Oklahoma City. It’s always a blessing to meet new people and learn about their lives. 

this is the retiree version of chalkboard photos.
Facebook / Village on the Park

Over 50 different seniors participated in the photoshoot and many people commented on just how great so many looked. This has garnered praise for the Village on the Park staff and the hard work they do every day. 

back-to-school photos aren't just for kids
Facebook / Village on the Park

The kids have some competition when it comes to these seniors’ first day of school photos. The viral trend of back to school photos is everywhere and it was a nice surprise to have seniors join in on the fun. 

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