20 Addison Rae TikTok Videos to Learn to Make Your Kids Think You’re Cool

Who is Addison Rae? She’s a wildly popular content creator across a variety of social media platforms but mainly, Addison Rae TikTok videos have garnered the most attention. On the video-sharing platform, she has amassed almost 85 million followers in just a couple of years. In addition to her militant fans, she’s also gained over 5 billion likes. So, if your kids are always on TikTok, they’re likely very familiar with the influencer who dabbles in dancing, singing, and acting.

Although she is wildly popular and one of the top five most popular accounts on TikTok, she is no stranger to controversy. In 2020, a video she shared in 2015 resurfaced in which Rae expresses anti-Black Lives Matter sentiments. The backlash was so great that the influencer had to issue an apology. Shortly after the apology, she went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and taught him dances that were actually stolen from Black content creators on TikTok who Rae failed to credit. We thought you should be aware of these controversies, especially if you’re a supporter of the BLM movement.

So, let’s see what this possibly racist TikTok personality has pumped into your kids’ eyeballs, shall we? Note: some of the songs used in these TikTok videos might be offensive. Please mute your device if you are not okay with profanity.

Here Are 20 Addison Rae TikTok Videos to Know!

I, Oh, Ew!



♬ Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb (feat. Miguel) – royce????

Here are two people moving their bodies frantically. We believe the person in this video with Rae is Bryce Hall who is also a famous dancing youth on TikTok. Do not let your eyes linger on him for too long in this video, trust us! Hall is himself no stranger to controversy. He threw so many heavily attended parties at the height of the pandemic (and during California’s lockdown) that the Mayor had Hall’s power turned off to his LA home.

Never Thought


♬ I nerver thought she could dance like this – flighthouse

For this Addison Rae TikTok video, you may need Dramamine because the camera looks like it’s being operated by a dizzy hummingbird. The song for the video, “Hips Don’t Lie,” by Shakira, was a good one until the children of TikTok got a hold of it. That doesn’t mean you still can’t lipsynch to it in your car!

Addison Rae Loves ‘Sitting/laying On the Ground’


♬ original sound – Kavya

Addison Rae can be prophetic! In this TikTok video, she has added the revelatory text, “I love sitting/laying on the ground it makes me happy.” We’re so glad she’s found her happy place… on the ground.

Addison Rae Returns to Her Happy Place


Catch me this summer, if you can ????????☀️ tell me what’s on your summer bucket list using emoji’s only! @americaneagle ##aepartner ##aejeans

♬ Summer Nights – nvsh

In this Addison Rae TikTok video, we find the lipsynching wunderkind returning to a place that makes her very happy: the ground. In the song for the video, the lyrics inform the listener that “I just want to feel alive.” In Rae’s world, alive you will feel if you roll on the bare earth. You could easily recreate this performance for your kids!

Dances with Kourtney


##duet with @addisonre one take wonders @kourtneykardashian

♬ original sound – payton graber

Addison Rae is close with Kourtney Kardashian who can be found in the above TikTok video not daring to upstage the queen of the tweens. In the video, they do a TikTok dance to a song that proclaims, “I think I found my bestie.” You can do the same with your “bestie” be that your impressionable son or daughter!

A Pep Dance for When You Want to Unlock a Bathroom Door


♬ Unlock it (Lock It) [Jeff Prior Mix] – Charli XCX

“Unlock It” is the title of the song that Addison Rae is “performing” to in the above TikTok video. The video, like many others, is curiously shot in a bathroom and maybe the lyrics of this song can illuminate that setting for us. “Lock it, lock it, lock-lock it, lock it, lock it / Unlock it / Lock it, lock it, lock-lock it,” the song prescribes. Maybe she just keeps getting locked in that bathroom! Scary.

Addison Rae Holds Her Leg at Length


Obsessed with these girls!!!!

♬ original sound – Baby&Sapp

See if Addison Rae can hold your attention for as long as she holds her leg in this TikTok video. This video of a twenty-something holding her leg has been liked almost 5 million times and seen nearly 28 million times. Sit with that fact for a moment, if you must. You might not be able to do this one for the kids but you can absolutely die trying.

A Wholesome Moment


Dc @astronomicalboy @sherinicolee

♬ Welcome to New York by Taylor Swift – mark (silo era) ????????????‍????????

Aw! Here’s an Addison Rae TikTok with her mom, Sheri Easterling. They both dance together in it. Sheri is doing way better than we could at keeping up with her dancing daughter. These TikTok dances are all about the hands, mama!

Addison Rae Digitally Clones Herself


♬ original sound – Lauren

In this video, we’re treated to some special FX work from Rae who clones, then kisses herself. There are clearly not enough Addison Raes in this world and she has identified that problem and found a solution. Fans were impressed too! “Imagine how soft Addisons [sic] lips are!” one young fan commented.

Figuring Out Addison Rae – Pineapple Pizza


♬ stop getting more likes than me – dee ❦

“People getting saucy trying to figure me out and I just let them,” Rae mouths as she sits in front of a Pineapple Pizza. Does any of this make you feel saucy? You very well might as Addison Rae is one tough nut to crack! Grab yourself a pizza pie and you can definitely show off to your kids!

Apparently, She Does Not ‘Just Let Them’


♬ original sound – deedeesaidso

Despite the previous TikTok video, Rae does not “just let” people try and figure her out. Here, she shares information about herself with fans over a spoken track of a woman from the West Side of Chicago discussing herself. If you have not read about cultural appropriation on TikTok’s platform, we urge you to read, “Racism on TikTok: The Appropriation of Black Culture in Digital Spaces,” published on Wellesley College’s blog earlier this year. It illuminates the way Black Culture has been co-opted by young white people on the platform and beyond. Let’s skip this one, shall we?

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Addison Rae Is a Ghost




Here’s a fun one of Addison Rae doing one of her signature dances as she becomes a “ghost.” “I literally was sweating bc I couldnt [sic] get this filter right,” Rae captioned the video (in all caps). Here we were thinking she was an actual ghost! It made us sweat too! Riveting.

Addison Rae Is Actually Friends with THE Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse & I are celebrating the @disney x @americaneagle holiday collection the only way we know how…dancing! ##aepartner

♬ Disney x AE Holiday 2020 – Addison Rae

Addison Rae TikTok videos feature big stars! In this one, she dances with Mickey Mouse to hawk American Eagle’s clothing. This could be a fun dance that you can break out for your kids this Holiday season! It’s a good one for parents to try as Mickey does not twerk!

Let the People Speak


♬ original sound – audios

Judging from the comments on this video you might want to skip “learning” this one to impress your kids. “I don’t get how she’s just moving her camera and head and she got 3.1 mil [sic] likes instead of people who draw good art,” one person commented. Does the commenter know that Art is in the eye of the beholder?

Good 4 Addison


I can’t help but act like this when I hear this soNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

♬ good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

Here’s one of the Addison Rae TikTok videos that you can easily pull off, dear parent. You will need a sliding glass door and some feathers for your hair. Now, violently explode through the door shaking your head to show off those feathers and all of the teen angst you thought you outgrew. She looks so free as she lipsynchs about sociopathy! Try it, ‘rents!

You + Roll Coaster


♬ original sound – Van Buren

Here’s another Addison Rae TikTok video that we’re pretty sure most parents could pull off. If you’ve got some of the Dramamine left, go ahead and pop a couple of those babies and head onboard the closest roller coaster. You will need duct tape. As you wait in line to board the coaster, go ahead and wear a face covering if you’ve got it (this way you don’t need to lipsynch as you ride) and then duct tape your phone to your left hand. But, if you forgot your mask, go ahead duct tape your mouth shut! as well! Do as Addison so gleefully does and your kids will def be impressed.

Addison Rae Understands Salty & Sweet


♬ Ur so crazy I think I wanna shot – Tommy

Parents, grab your family dog and head to the car. This is another easy TikTok for you to copy. Sweetly caress your pup as you lipsynch the lyrics. Then, quickly change the mood and pretend to shoot someone for being “so crazy!” Cute.

Addison Rae’s Sleeping Bag Style


♬ Beat It (Extended Version) – Pateezy

Parents, to really make this Addison Rae TikTok video land with your kids, you will first need an old sleeping bag. Chop it up and fashion it as best you can into a coat. The main “dancing” done in this video only involves you grabbing your crotch and bouncing as Rae does which will likely disturb your children before it impresses them.

You Got This, Parents



♬ Goodba trend – dms works????

You can do this one, parents! Simply make a few faces at your phone and then edit the faces together so that they appear in faster succession for all of the desperately short attention spans you will find on TikTok. Your kids will love it! Can’t you see them getting a real kick out of your face? Totally!

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Beat That Ho* Just Like Addison Rae Does


@avadeblassie ???????????????? @versace need to learn the whole dance and do it again

♬ from tha back x miss the rage – jovynn

To pull off this TikTok dance, you will first need a Versace endorsement! After you have secured one, you can dress up in all pink everything! Then, go ahead and “Beat that ho* from the back” just like Addison Rae does in her charming dance here. The kids will think you’re a riot!

There you go! We hope you have a better understanding of the TikTok star Addison Rae! She’s amassed millions of followers and where or not you “get it,” it’s likely that your kids are very aware of who she is. After all, her videos have received billions of views. Now you know what the youth are watching when they spend countless hours on TikTok. Now, go ahead and show those kids that you’re in “the know.”

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