Alicia Silverstone Gets Refreshingly Real About Motherhood and How She ‘Reprimands’ Her 8-Year-Old Son

Alicia Silverstone is sharing her tips for maintaining a respectful relationship with her son, Bear Blu, 8 ½.

The actress spoke exclusively with People about parenting, as well as her new partnership with Crystal deodorant.

“Because of the healthy lifestyle that we lead, he didn’t go through the terrible twos and terrible threes. There wasn’t really much of that,” Alicia told the magazine. “When you’re really meeting their needs, and you really understand what they want and need… I didn’t find any of that.”

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Hello Europe! Bear and I had such fun exploring your majesty. From speaking @theoxfordunion (Bear spoke too ????) to soaking up the gentle sunlight and beauty pictured here in Cotswolds. While in London I loved wandering around with Bear. The Houses of Parliament were fun to walk by, ice skating at @somersethouse was beautiful, and Hyde Park was so pretty this Winter. Amsterdam was another favorite stop on our adventure. The canals, the architecture, it was all just so picturesque. We rented bikes for the whole time we were there and rode everywhere. I was so impressed with Bear. He only just learned to ride (we live in a neighborhood where would be very unsafe for even me to ride a bike!) and he was riding in the streets navigating electric busses, cars, pedestrians and other cyclists. It was adventurous and glorious! I had mild anxiety, like please don’t let anything go wrong! But most of me was so happy and proud of him 🙂 Our favorite veggie spots we discovered below: London: @portobellojuice @nopi_restaurant loved!! @grangerandco avocado and toast and tomatoes and kale were nice! And the olives and cappuccino were yum Oxford: @sohofarmhouse such yummy food and so cozy Amsterdam: @coffeecoconuts was so yum and pretty @restaurantdekas is a cool restaurant in a greenhouse;  all organic using mostly herbs and veg from own garden. @littlecollinsamsterdam so so so yummy! #Vinkeles (@HoteltheDylan) was so so yummy as well! No veggies to be found anywhere in #dortmund – it was rough for a minute ???? Thank you @charjjacobs for being our travel agent extraordinaire ????

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“There [have been] moments where there were things we need to redirect and correct, of course, but it just wasn’t the fight that you hear about…The most I have to say is, No thank you, Bear.’ And he goes, ‘Okay’…that’s my reprimanding.” 

Silverstone and her ex-husband Christopher Jarecki welcomed their son in May 2012 and since becoming a mother, the Clueless actress has focused on being as present as possible.

“I don’t want to miss a moment of him,” Alicia Silverstone says of her son.

“I don’t want to miss a moment of him, and I don’t want him to feel like anything is more important than him,’ she said. “If he starts to cry, I listen. If he’s upset about something, I stop and talk to him about it. You’d be surprised [at] how much [you notice] that other people don’t.

When Silverstone had Bear, she noted that her world shifted, making her focus much more on what was right in front of her.

“I had so much going on in my world and in my emotions, and when he was born it was like the whole world stopped. Everything froze, and it was absolutely bliss being with him and breastfeeding, being connected to him,” she told the outlet. “Just taking care of him was just such a pleasure. That’s remained the same all along.”

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