15 Alternative Makeup Looks We Love

The amount of makeup tutorials, talented artists, and glam looks online never fail to amaze us. From spectacular shadows to goth lips, we cannot stop staring at these alternative makeup looks we love. Even if you’re more of a natural, understated makeup fan, these looks will definitely catch your eye.

We’ve gone down a multitude of online rabbit-holes to discover the coolest, most unconventional makeup looks out there. Sure, you might not be willing to go quite as bold as some of the beauties below, but you can still draw inspiration from these alternative looks.

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Alternative Makeup Looks That Are Dazzling Us On Instagram

Goth Glam

This goth-inspired alternative makeup look might be a little too alternative for most, but you have to admit that it is beyond cool.

Fiery Reds

We cannot stop staring at this gorgeous bold, red lip, eye, and earring trio.

A String of Pearls

This artist created a remarkable pearl look inspired by jewelry given to her by her mother when she turned 18. We love a makeup look with a sentimental story.

Shimmer and Shine

We could get lost in the magic of these eyelids that are reminiscent of a gorgeous sunset over the sea.

Punk Bombshell

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We can’t help but think of Bowie when we look at this awesome makeover.

Alternative Magic

How sweet is this beauty’s whimsical eye makeup game?

Vampire Shadow Slayer

How tempted are you to try this absolutely perfect goth makeup look?

Vibrant Vibes

It’s remarkable how these vibrant shadows make this model’s eyes pop off the page.

Boldest Lip

We are loving this red and gold eye paired with a bold, black lipstick. She is absolutely crushing the alt makeup look.

Seeing Stars

We can’t imagine the patience and precision it took to perfectly place the stars on top of this goddess.

Vision in Pink

There is nothing like adorning your face in diamonds to make a statement.

Glow Goddess

We’re pretty sure we couldn’t make this shadow art look quite as effortless, but a girl can dream.

Caught in the Web

Ever consider adding a little drama to your makeup glam routine? Maybe a perfect liner web or two!

Rocking Out

We love how this alt makeup is both understated and bold at the same time.

The Showstopper

If you’re looking to get your glam on, a little red glitter + lipstick duo will certainly spice things up.

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