am i in the wrong for buying and wearing diamond rings despite not being married?3

Am I In The Wrong For Buying And Wearing Diamond Rings Despite Not Being Married?

One woman is asking Reddit if she is wrong for purchasing her own diamond rings despite being unmarried.

“For context, my boyfriend and I are nowhere near marriage, but we have been together for just under 2 years. I am a jewelry girl and have always liked to wear sparkly things, [whether] real or fake it doesn’t matter – it’s part of my aesthetic,” the OP (original poster) began.

am i in the wrong for buying and wearing diamond rings despite not being married?2
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“For years I’ve wanted to get some stackable diamond bands that are a little on the nicer side (although still fake) so that I can pair them with some of my outfits.”

The OP continued, admitting that when she found the perfect band — she didn’t think twice.

“Through Instagram, I found this local seller and purchased some. Most of them are just plain diamond bands but a few look like real engagement rings. They were beautiful and I really liked how they looked so I bought them for myself. Keep in mind It was never my intention to wear them on my left ring finger like an actual engagement ring or attempt to project that ‘I’m married’ when I’m not. I just wore them on my right hand and in different spots specifically for that purpose.”

am i in the wrong for buying and wearing diamond rings despite not being married?
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“Here’s where I’m conflicted – my boyfriend says that it’s tacky that I’m essentially ‘buying myself an engagement ring to play pretend.’ I told him to kick rocks and that I bought them purely for aesthetic and fashion purposes and I wasn’t trying to ‘play pretend.’ I told him that it was my money and I could do as I pleased because I don’t have to wait on a guy to buy me jewelry or anything else for that matter.”

The OP went on, revealing how she doesn’t see any issue with the entire ordeal.

“What was I supposed to do? Wait for him to gift it to me? Ask permission? He would never think to buy me something like that. Not for any particular reason it’s just he doesn’t put a lot of thought into gifts. He usually buys me a gift card or cash or something of the sort. AITA for simply fulfilling my own desire and not waiting on him?”

am i in the wrong for buying and wearing diamond rings despite not being married?
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One user said: “Absolutely an insecure j******. And his “play pretend” comment seems purposefully nasty and cruel. It really bothers me the more I think about it. But I do think it’s a little disingenuous to pretend like it’s a surprise that buying engagement-style rings gets a strong reaction from the boyfriend. Especially if he only kinda understands jewelry/finger symbology. It could absolutely come across as passive-aggressive hinting. His response is pretty revealing though…”

While another commented: “I have a couple of rings, plain bands and diamonds, wedding and engagement rings, that were passed down from my grandmothers. I wear them all the time. I love having them. I love looking at them. I love wearing them. Tell your BF to get over himself.”

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