Teen Tests Teachers’ Diamond Rings, Things Get Painfully Awkward

We all like to think that our partners and their jewelers are honest people of integrity. It makes the discovery that an engagement ring is fake even more painful. This is especially true if you’ve loved and cared for the ring for many years. If you’ve ever wanted to live through someone else’s nightmare, a wildly popular Tik Tok series by “Diamond Tester Kid” is going to be your new obsession.

Diamond Tester Kid uses a cheap $16 device that can detect if a diamond is actually real or if it is fake. Now, which rings is he testing? His teachers’ diamonds, naturally. What could go wrong?

In the, now, 8-part diamond testing series the student has discovered that several of his teachers are wearing fake diamond engagement rings.


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In the first video, the student walks up to a teacher in a classroom and asks her if she’s wearing an engagement ring. Shortly after excitedly replying “yes,” the teacher’s joy turns to pain as she watches the diamond detector return a “fake” reading.

The teacher gasps as the student explains that her diamond is fake. “What!?” she yells. It gets very cringe-worthy in a matter of seconds, a real rollercoaster of emotions.

Another teacher, who goes by “Ms. T” has a more relatable reaction, straight anger.


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After Diamond Tester Kid reveals that Ms. T’s ring is a fake, she calls her partner and begins to berate from the desk in her classroom. The student secretly films part of the interaction before the teacher tells him to leave.

“I got this kid in my room telling me that my ring isn’t real,” she says angrily. “Are you kidding me right now? Is it real or is it not real?”

The Diamond Tester doesn’t only return results for fakes, it also finds the real deal.


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Another teacher let the student test her necklace and ring. After both returned results confirming her diamonds were real, she jokes that she would have filed for divorce had the results come back the other way.

There were other instructors who had so many pieces to test, that students in her class began to joke about it. After testing several real diamond rings, one student jokes, “WOW! She got the ice!”

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Now, as you might expect, the charming Tik Toks have taken off and the ones with not-so-happy results are the videos with millions of views. The more embarrassing and awkward, generally, the more views the views a video will get. People love them and they leave some pretty funny comments about them on Tik Tok.

“You the reason why they getting divorced,” one user snapped.


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“YOU JUST ENDED A MARRIAGE!!” wrote someone else.

“I would be mad over the fact that my man couldn’t be honest with me,” one person wrote. “Not because he didn’t get me a diamond ring.”

We feel the exact same way! It’s not the diamond it’s the lie. Keep on testing Diamond Tester Kid, you might save someone from the con of a lifetime. Is this teen’s Tik Tok actually a public service? It’s very much a possibility.

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