Amy Schumer Calls Husband Her Rock, Asks Fans If They Cried When Their Baby Got a Fever After Gene Battles His First

Every mama can remember how helpless she felt the first time her baby got sick, so we can empathize with Amy Schumer’s struggle. 

While on Instagram celebrating her two-year wedding anniversary with her husband, Chris Fisher, the comedian admitted she was recently brought to tears when her 9-month-old son Gene got his first fever. 

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The Trainwreck star took to social media to give a shout out to her husband on their anniversary, crediting him with taking wonderful care of her and their baby. The short, but incredibly sweet message, revealed Chris was her rock the entire time.

Amy Schumer Called Husband Her Rock During Their Son’s First Fever

“It’s my anniversary to marrying this guy. I’m really glad we got married,” Amy shared on Instagram. “Our baby was sick and got his first fever this week and I cried hard and Chris was solid as a rock. Anyone else cry the first time their baby got sick?”

And mamas everywhere were quick to assure the star that tears are a completely normal reaction to her little one getting sick. One commenter wrote, “YES. Hopefully, he wasn’t too bad but one thing that terrified me was the realization kids can get super high fevers. Our first would be close to 105 sometimes. It’s not any worse than like 103 it’s just so so scary. Good to have a partner. And happy anniversary!!”

Another person added, “I still cry and they’re 14 and 17! #Parenting.” The new mom has been refreshingly candid about all of the ups and downs surrounding parenting, including her struggles with going back to work, breastfeeding, exhaustion, and growing their family.

Amy Schumer Admits She Cried the First Time Son Got a Fever

The I Feel Pretty star is currently going through IVF treatments in hopes of having another child. She recently shared an update on social media, letting her fans know where she’s at in her journey.

“Hey! So IVF went like this for us. They retrieved 35 eggs from me. Not bad for the old gal right? Then 26 fertilized! Whoah right? For all of those, we got 1 normal embryo from that and 2 low-level mosaic (mosaic means there are some abnormal cells but can still lead to a healthy baby). So we feel lucky we got 1! But what a drop off right? Anyway, I have so appreciated everyone sharing their IVF stories with me. They made me feel empowered and supported. So I wanted to tell you how mine went down.”

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While motherhood is one of the most difficult, yet rewarding jobs a woman can have, Schumer seems to be doing very well, thanks—in part—to her beautiful relationship with Fischer.

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