Travis Kelce Speaks Out After Andy Reid Reveals What Happened Between Him and Travis Kelce on the Sidelines at the Super Bowl

Travis Kelce is responding to the backlash following the intense moment shared between himself and his head coach Andy Reid on the sidelines at the Super Bowl.

While talking with his brother Jason on their podcast, Jason told Travis, “You crossed a line, I think we can both agree on that.” To which Travis responded saying, “I did. I can’t get that fired up to the point where it’s getting him off balance. When he stumbled I was just like, ‘Oh s–t,’ in my head.”

Travis continued, saying, “I’m a passionate guy, I love coach Reid. Coach Reid knows how much I love to be a product of his coaching career.”

But Travis didn’t stop there. He continuing to praise Andy Reid, and admitting his inability to control his emotions at times have riddled his career since the beginning.

“I’m not playing for anybody else but Big Red—if he calls it quits this year I’m out there with him. I got a certain relationship with him, he’s checked me a few times, and I just wanted to let him know that I wanted this thing, and he can put it on me and I got him. It just came at a moment when we weren’t playing very well. And sometimes my emotions get away from me, that’s been the battle of my career.”

Travis continued, “I talked to coach Reid today and we kind of chuckled about it. I couldn’t be more proud of being his product on the field, and couldn’t be more proud of where we’ve come, as a team, since I got here in 2013. I just love playing for the guy. And unfortunately my passion comes out where it looks like negativity, but I’m grateful that he knows it’s all because I want to win this thing.”

Parents are upset over a moment Travis Kelce shared with his coach, Andy Reid, during the first half of the Super Bowl.

The moment consisted of a frustrated Travis Kelce yelling at Andy Reid on the sidelines. It seemed as though Reid was caught of guard, stumbling a little bit as Kelce demanded he start getting the ball more.

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Fans were upset by Kelce’s behavior, believing he should have been benched afterwards.

“Uncalled for, that’s a Hall of Fame coach, have some respect,” one commenter wrote. “Travis was out of line,” another added.

While a few more commenters defended Travis saying, “It’s the superbowl emotions are high, they will kiss and makeup if you play sports you get it.”

But as Reid revealed after their win, it was nothing personal.

During a post game interview with Chris Herman and Booger McFarland, McFarland asked Reid what the interaction was about between him and Kelce. “He caught me when I wasn’t looking,” Reid laughed. “He didn’t know I was going to go that far.”

That’s when Reid admitted that Kelce did feel bad about the exchange and came over to give him a hug and apologies for the exchange. “Then he came over and gave me a hug and said ‘Sorry about that,’” the head coach admitted.

“He just wants to be on the field and he wants to play. And so there is no body I get better than I get him,” Reid told McFarland and Berman. “He’s a competitive kid and he loves to play. He makes me feel young. But you know, my balance is terrible, Booger.”

When Travis was asked about the exchange, he revealed that he would prefer to keep that moment between him and Reid, saying that he “was just telling him that I love him.”

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