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RSS Pregnancy Question
  • Deciding on baby #3
    Long post warning. Trying to decide what to do but SO and I disagree. How do we decide who gets what they want? We currently have an almost 3 year old (August) and a 15 month old. I was hoping to start trying at the end of April to aim for a January baby. He […]
RSS Relationship Question
  • Could my childs father take custody from me?
    The father of my child has not been in my child’s life since he was born 5 years ago, due to me not letting him. He’s now grown up alot and im letting him meet him, could he take custody from me? Also He’s not on the birth certificate and we live in Florida 103 […]
RSS Motherhood Question
  • My daughter runs to my husband whenever her dad calls: Thoughts?
    My daughter hasn’t seen her father in a month and a half due to being on vacation in Florida. I ended up going on a vacation down in Florida a week later then he came down, and he asked me to bring his daughter to him when he has a car, and he can come […]
RSS Product Question
  • My 2-year-old will not eat meat: Advice?
    My son is 2. He was born big and has been big ever since- always not even on the charts for height and weight; he is the size of 5 years old. People who see him are always joking, “what do you feed this kid” meanwhile, he LOVES fruits and veggies, so when I say […]
RSS Food & Nutrition Question
  • I am having issues with my boyfriends oldest son: Advice?
    I am a widow with three proud kids. I am in a relationship now. My boyfriend is a widower with two sons. We stay all together. Since the first, I met my bf…i treat his sons as my kids as well. I treat all of them with discipline. Just for info…my bf’s sons like to […]
RSS Child Health Question
  • What should I do about my 5-year-old's behavior?
    Hey, mama, 's I need some advice on my five-year-old. He just doesn’t seem to want to listen at all. My husband and I have taken toys away; we have taken games away. We have done time out, and we have even spanked him. Nothing seems to work. We can’t even take him anywhere without […]

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