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RSS Pregnancy Question
  • Should I be concerned that I already lost my mucus plug?
    I am 30 weeks pregnant and I have already lost my mucous plug. Should I start to pack a hospital bag or just calm down? This is my third baby but I have never had my plug come out so early and the pelvic pressure is worrisome 115 posts - 1 participant Read full topic
RSS Relationship Question
  • Is it wrong for me to tell my husband he needs a hair cut?
    Am I a jerk for saying something to my husband about shaving and getting a hair cut just general maintenance?? Like why do I have to shave and keep up my appearance, but he doesn’t? 34 posts - 1 participant Read full topic
RSS Motherhood Question
  • Should I be concerned with what my son was looking up on his phone?
    My 14-year old (soon to be 15) has recently started becoming more interested in girls. He has had a phone since he was 13, and I will randomly go through his phone just to make sure things are ok, or he’s not talking to anyone he shouldn’t be. Well, tonight, I did one of my […]
RSS Product Question
  • My 2-year-old will not eat meat: Advice?
    My son is 2. He was born big and has been big ever since- always not even on the charts for height and weight; he is the size of 5 years old. People who see him are always joking, “what do you feed this kid” meanwhile, he LOVES fruits and veggies, so when I say […]
RSS Food & Nutrition Question
  • I may have the option to adopt my grand-daughter: Advice?
    I am a grandma, fostering my newborn granddaughter. Although the parents are being given time and resources to become adequate parents, at this time they are not utilizing the available resources. There is a high probability that long-term placement of the baby will be needed. As the grandma, I have a kinship preference, should I […]
RSS Child Health Question
  • Would you take an 8-month-old for COVID testing?
    How do you guys feel about taking your baby to do the coronavirus test? I have an 8-month-old who recently woke up with a cough and fever. I called to schedule an appointment worried about her possibly having an ear or throat infection, but they right away jumped to say they need to go a […]

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