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RSS Pregnancy Question
  • Unplanned pregnancy
    Thinking about giving up unborn baby for adoption. don’t just know what to do. (Moderator removed personal email from this question) 1 post - 1 participant Read full topic
RSS Relationship Question
  • My husband doesn't try when it comes to our crying baby: Advice?
    First, I know I can be over-sensitive when it comes to my baby’s needs. But I get so…frustrated and pissed when my boyfriend gives up when our 4-month-old cries. He is into the cry it out method, and I’m not against it, but I think my baby is too young. Up until a month ago, […]
RSS Motherhood Question
  • Does anyone have kids born in the same month?
    My husband and I have three kids together but recently moved into his parent’s extra room due to money being tight. We’re currently saving to move out, but this coronavirus thing has left him out of work. We haven’t been able to have sex because we are sharing a room with three kids. But we […]
RSS Product Question
  • My 2-year-old will not eat meat: Advice?
    My son is 2. He was born big and has been big ever since- always not even on the charts for height and weight; he is the size of 5 years old. People who see him are always joking, “what do you feed this kid” meanwhile, he LOVES fruits and veggies, so when I say […]
RSS Food & Nutrition Question
  • Tips and tricks for potty training a 3-year-old
    I want all information that can help with potty training my almost 3-year-old daughter. Any tips or tricks you might be able to share. My son was easy and was potty training in about a week using the Cheerios in the toilet method. We tried potty training last month for her. At one point, she […]
RSS Child Health Question
  • Does my daughters father have a right to know she started her period?
    shutterstock_638594236750×500 128 KB I am not with my daughter’s father. He lives out of state, also. We have a cordial and supportive co-parenting relationship with each other in regards to her. My daughter started her first period yesterday (Mother Nature is and inconsiderate So and So, lol). I think her father has a right to […]

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