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  • Pregnancy or period symptoms?
    My period isn’t due for about 1.5 -2 weeks. My back has been killing me, My boobs have been sore, headaches, lower stomach pains but feel different than my usual period cramps. I usually get cramps 1-2 days before my period but never 2 weeks early and never boob pain?? I am on the pill […]
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  • Looking for middle name suggestions that go well with Evelyn?
    Mamas, I need your help! We’ve already decided to name our baby girl who is due in September Evelyn. Evelyn was my choice because I just love that name and all of the associated nicknames. But because I chose that name, my husband gets to choose the middle name. That made me a little nervous […]
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  • Do my parents have a right to claim my daughter?
    Im in my early twenties (stay at home mom) i live with my parents at home still on an army base and they want to / claimed my daughter even though i pay rent, our own food, they never babysat her once in her life, etc. is it wrong of them to claim her? They […]
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