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Shoud I change doctors?

So should I see a different OB doctor? Advice? Could it be something else? I recently just moved, I’m 32wks pregnant with my third (all back to back) they were watching me for preeclampsia. My hands and feet Are swollen & never go down any! She’s telling me it’s normal & I don’t have preeclampsia bc my blood pressure isn’t high. (It’s been on the shallow side) (101/49) But I have high levels of protein In my urine (they have ordered me to do two 24 hour urine test from it being so high) & I believe the swelling is a bit concerning considering the fact I’m passing out, a headache that never goes away no matter how much medicine I take or anything. Nausea just started happening recently. Haven’t had it my entire pregnancy. Then I don’t know if it’s stomach pains or just the baby growing, but my stomach hurts everyday! For the past few days. Also, Up north I was on medicine for my iron, she has yet to prescribe me meds, yet to tell me my blood work results that were done Two weeks ago at my very first appointment. I’m frustrated. 8+

Acid reflux and pregnancy.

Has anyone here experienced horrible, make you want to give up acid reflux while pregnant!?! I’ll be 34 weeks tomorrow. I’ve had a semi-hard pregnancy.. just one thing after another! Nothing wrong with the baby, just my body. From day one, I’ve had horrible morning sickness! Puking every day, all day until 25-28wks. They put me on all kinds of nausea meds, was in and out of the ER for fluids and lived on ice and chicken broth. It finally just stopped! Well, it’s turned it to such bad acid reflux, that I’m back to no eating, puking at night. I can’t sleep, I can’t lay down, and now it’s so bad that even sitting up, it’s all coming up in my chest. It hurts!!! I’m not a crier, and it’s brought me to tears. I always feel like there’s something in my chest and that my throat is sore. My head and back hurt from getting sick so much, and every time I’ve mentioned it at appointments, I’m told to take tums. Well, the tums aren’t doing it anymore!! And the bottle says no more than 5 in a 24hr period. Has anyone been through this? What did your …

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My best friend is pregnant, how can I help?

My absolute best friend found out she was pregnant by a man who is everything she DOES NOT want in a partner(he isn’t abusive), but before she got pregnant with said mans child, she was with a guy she adored, and he loved her too. She was doing some shady things, so she decided to call it quits with this guy and she was hoping to get her head straight and then maybe work things out with him, she then found out she was pregnant and is now totally depressed, even more, confused and has no idea what to do. She hasn’t even told her mother yet and hasn’t been to the doctor. I’ve tried telling her I would take her. I’ve tried telling her everything! I have given my best advice, but guys I’m out of advice. I believe it’s time to tell her mom, get to the doctor and get rid of some of this stress, but she’s stubborn and wants to do things on her own timing. So, I’m just looking for some things that I could do for her, what else can I say to her, what can I do to help? (She is only 18 …

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My sister doesn’t respect me as a mom.

I want to know what you mamas would do. I’m a single mom to a two-year-old. I love her with all my might. And I have two sisters, the first sister has four kids, and she doesn’t respect me as a mom. She thinks because I only have one kid, I don’t understand what being a mom is. But that’s beside the point I’ve learned to deal with her. But I have another sister who is what I call a mom to an angel baby (miscarriage) we never really talked at all because my mother lives with me and she hates my mother. Well, I have tried for ten years to speak to her, but nothing ever came of it.she lives on the other side of the. The US. But then she got pregnant, and she started talking to me again. It was nice to have my sister back; we were talking all the time, and everything was going right. And then she miscarried 3 or 4 months ago. Now she has stopped talking to me again, and while I know it takes time to heal and that she may never recover from it no matter how long it is. …

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32 weeks pregnant and my baby is measuring big.

My baby girl measures 35 cm, And I am currently 32 weeks and five days. The doctor said we expect her to be from 30-32 because I’m 32 weeks. Due date is 11/9. I’d like her to come in the last week of October! But of course, I am accepting of whenever she makes her move/ready. Any mamas experience with measuring bigger than your week and having a baby sooner than their due date?? 9+

I need tips to replenish my milk supply.

My little one will be six months on the 25th, and I am losing my milk supply and have tried EVERYTHING! Even tried pills my doctor had given me to help up my milk supply, and it didn’t help. My baby acts like he is starving and cries so much even after I’m done nursing and then I give in and have to unthaw some saved bm 4to5 oz more then he falls asleep content. I started Gerber foods half jar mixed with a little rice cereal in the am followed by nursing and veggie mixed with rice cereal for supper then nurse for him to sleep well. (I nurse him throughout the day as well usually every 3to4 hours and try pumping an hour after feeding, but don’t get anything) I only have a little supply saved up maybe a month of feedings, but my question is, has anyone went through this and had to buy formula and do that? I hate even thinking about formula feeding, but I’m at my last choice! 6+