Ashley Graham Is Not Afraid To Talk About Body Image For The Rest Of Her Life and She’s Prepared to Do So

Ashley Graham is okay with talking about body image for the rest of her life.

The model and mom of three is known for being an advocate when it comes to beauty standards.

Ashley Graham Is Not Afraid To Talk About Body Image For The Rest Of Her Life and She’s Prepared to Do So

She also understands what it means to be a proud and an outspoken model for her body and how it has shifted since giving birth to her three children — Isaac, 2, and twins Malachi and Roman, 6 months.

“The rest of my life, I will be talking about it,” Graham told TODAY Parents. “There’s not a day that goes by where I am not going to have that (body image) discussion with someone else or myself. And also, just being a woman and being in the fashion industry — being an ‘influencer’ and being on social media — it’s constant.”

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Graham insists that the constant questions and never-ending conversations are a good thing, and a sign that people are realizing that topics many people believe to be “off-limits” or “political” are just part of people’s daily lives.

“People are finally getting to the point where they realize that people are just people, and you don’t have to wear your advocacy on your forehead every day,” Graham explained. “People who are activists or advocates or ‘influencing,’ they’re actually just living their lives and talking about what is most important to them.”

However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get exhausting.

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“Yeah, there are days you don’t want to talk about it,” she explained. “But those are the days you just, you know, don’t talk about it.”

This is why the mom is more proud about “being about it” than simply talking about it. Just recently, she partnered with Affirm, a pay-over-time company that allows people the chance to invest in themselves. She hopes that folks, particularly moms, get the chance to financially invest in self-care and self-expression via products that make them feel comfortable, confident, and like their most authentic selves.

“As a mother you kind of put yourself second — it’s just inevitable,” Graham said. “With Affirm, you’re able to get something that maybe you didn’t think you could afford, or maybe wasn’t on your ‘wish list’ because maybe you felt like it wasn’t a need for the home. Or maybe you wanted to try it, and this way you don’t feel like you’re breaking the bank or having to make sacrifices for your family in order to get the things you need or just want to try.”

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