13 Baby Memes That Prove They’re Secretly the Funniest Humans of All

Who doesn’t love babies?! They are cute and squishy and put a smile on your face during even the most stressful times. Combining babies with some comedy is a no-brainer and sure to boost your day a bit. During these chaotic times, we’ve put together some of our favorite baby memes to make that frown go upside down.

If nothing else, these funny baby memes prove babies may be the funniest humans of all. And they do it unintentionally. Maybe we should stop trying so hard. Or maybe we’ll just shut up and enjoy the laughter.

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13 Very Funny Baby Memes

They know what’s up.

Who hasn’t made this face in 2020?

Sorry, got big plans.

And all of them involve staying home and relaxing.

“Our parents will never guess what we’re up to.”


I’m coming for you, mama.

Just you wait!

Just going to add these items to my cart.

May go back to buy later, just not 100% sure.

Say it isn’t so?!

Oh, thank god, I got really nervous for a moment.

Without fail…

Why, oh, why?!

Never ready for the week to start again.

Can we turn back the clocks a bit?!

It’s much harder than it looks sometimes.

Is it obvious that I’m having a tough time or no?

Not everyone is ready for a sibling.

Sometimes kids need some time to adjust.

Ah, the good old days when they only “ate” one thing.

Now it kind of just feels like we’re short-order cooks.

Babies = lots of crying and pooping, among other things, but those smiles make it all worth it.

*Heart grows two sizes.*

Babies come in all shapes in sizes but they are consistently adorable, sometimes hilarious and always make you want to strive for a better world. Let’s face it – if there’s one thing that can help us feel even slightly better about this crazy year, it’s looking at cute babies.

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