Mom Sobs in Viral TikTok Because She’s Unable to Find Diapers Due to People Bulk-Buying

36-year-old Lauren Whitney was just trying to purchase diapers for her child last weekend but could not because everyone was purchasing items in bulk.

After going to a handful of stores and realizing there were zero diapers left in her youngest daughter’s size, she decided to share a TikTok of herself upset in Walmart.

Watch: Mom cries in viral TikTok in demonstration of the negative effects of bulk-buying.



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“How am I supposed to diaper my child if I can’t afford 20 at a time like you can?” she stated in the TikTok, which has since gone viral and become one of the more relatable arguments against bulk-buying.

“I took the video intending to keep it in my drafts, but accidentally uploaded it and logged on an hour later to see it went viral. I debated taking it down, but decided it needed to be seen,” Whitney told BuzzFeed.

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“I’d love for people to realize that all this panic-buying and hoarding is making it hard for lower-income families or families on a budget,” Whitney said.

“Some people can’t get to the stores when the trucks arrive. Some people don’t have the money to go when the trucks arrive because they get paid later. If we all just purchased what we needed at the time, the shelves would stay stocked,” she said.

If You Actually Believe Bulk-Buying Is Not a Bad Thing, Watch This TikTok
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Lauren has amassed 27.7K followers along with 949.9K likes.

She and many others are continuing to spread awareness in these challenging times — serving as a reminder to be responsible in these coming weeks in regards to shopping.


THANK YOU!!!! I mean holy moly, I did not expect that!

♬ original sound – browncoatbetty

She later shared a followup video thanking people for their responses and offering some more context about how bulk-buying affects people like her. You can watch that video above.

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