The 28 Best Baby Names Inspired by Nature (That Aren’t *Too* Hippie)

Is there anything more beautiful than nature? Spending time outdoors can refresh, rejuvenate, heal, and inspire—and sometimes, it can even inspire some incredible baby names

But when it comes to baby names from nature, there’s a fine line between evoking the great outdoors and sounding like you plan to raise your kids barefoot in a yurt. While natural-sounding baby names can range from classic to cool, there’s definitely such a thing as taking it too far.

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“Tree,” for instance, sounds like you just looked out the window and named your kid after the first thing you saw. And a rainbow is undoubtedly beautiful, but as a name it kind of dooms her to a lifetime of underwater basket-weaving. Then there are natural baby names that can just be taken the wrong way. “Moonshine” is great when it refers to a lunar glow—but it can also make you sound like an Appalachian alcoholic. And Twilight would have been an awesome pick once, but there’s no separating it from angsty teen vampires now.

That said, there are more amazing earth-loving baby names than bad ones. Check out our top picks below!

Best Nature Baby Names for Boys



Love the woods? Your son is bound to be a tree-climber with this name!


There’s a certain fairy-tale sweetness among the thorns here.


It’s a lovely tree and a lovely name. It can also spark associations with fire. 


This semi-precious stone is a totally precious name.


With a name like Reed he’ll bend with life’s twists and turns, just like reeds bend in the wind. 


We love this name for a boy: it’s so earthy and strong. 


It’s a bird name that hasn’t been done to death, and it’s also sweetly unisex.


Delicious herb. Delicious name.


Expecting a wild-child? Give him a “Wilder” name.


This lovely unisex name has different meanings in different cultures: some of our favorites are “rejoice” and “sea.”


Traditionally short for “Clifford,” it also evokes strong rocky outcroppings all on its own.


Another great tree name so your boy can put down roots.


This name is deep in so many ways.


What better name for a baby boy than a hunter among the stars? 

Best Nature Baby Names for Girls



This beautiful baby name means “guileless” in Greek. It’s also a beautiful tree with fragrant yellow flowers!


What a lovely name for a baby who will no doubt blossom into a lovely woman someday.


For parents who love the sea, the name Coral evokes some of its prettiest parts.


Here’s an herbaceous baby name with the perfect amount of spice.


The prettiest part of the day is also a lovely girls nature name filled with hope.


This old-fashioned name (meaning “flower”) is making a fresh new comeback!


It means “earth,” but it’s not as obvious as naming your daughter Earth. 


It made a comeback thanks to YA classic The Fault in Our Stars, but it’s also an eye color and a tree.


This gemstone name is perfect for a green-eyed babe!


She was the Roman goddess of the moon—and it’s a name with an unearthly glow.


We love this pared-down take on the oh-so-popular “Olivia.”


This name is a shoo-in if you plan to raise your daughter in the mountains. 


This name also means “earth,” and is a cool twist if you’re considering “Tara.”


She’s more or less bound to be graceful if you name her after this stunning tree.

What are your favorite nature baby names? Sound off in the comments!

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