Blac Chyna Has A Lot to Say About the Judge After Losing Kardashian Defamation Case

Blac Chyna is now targeting the judge who oversaw her case against the Kardashian-Jenner family. Per court documents, Chyna, born Angela White, is filing a peremptory challenge against Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Gregory W. Alarcon.

Blac Chyna Has A Lot to Say About the Judge After Losing Kardashian Defamation Case

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She alleges Alarcon “exhibited an ‘undeniably hostile and extremely biased’ attitude towards her and [her attorney] Ms. [Lynne] Ciani since April 19 and April 20, 2022.”

The 33-year-old also alleges how Alarcon’s supposed bias impacted multiple parts of the case, including “the jury making ‘key liability verdicts in her favor'” as well as her being “denied due process with regard to the jury instructions and special verdict form.”

And while Chyna’s challenge has yet to be scanned into the system, the Kardashian-Jenner family is already getting in front of the retaliation.

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Their attorney, Michael G. Rhode, filed a 20-page opposition on Monday, arguing that Chyna and her attorney “nonetheless proceeded without complaint as Judge Alarcon presided over a 10-day trial” despite her clear issues with him.

“In the days and weeks that followed, [Chyna] and her counsel had ample time to raise her completely misguided allegations about Judge Alarcon’s impartiality, along with numerous opportunities to brief evidentiary issues, jury instructions, and the special verdict form,” the document states.

“Indeed, Judge Alarcon explicitly invited Ms. Ciani to brief issues relating to jury instructions and evidentiary issues, such as sustained objections for hearsay and lack of authenticity, which she never did,” the record continues.

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“Instead, Ms. Ciani first “raised several of the [issues discussed in her statement of disqualification] in a written filing” after the jury had begun deliberating.”

Additionally, the family’s attorney adds that Chyna’s “dissatisfaction with the Court’s ordinary exercise of its discretion in overseeing trial is irrelevant to Judge Alarcon’s capacity for impartiality in a future trial.”

They go on to request for Chyna’s “statement of disqualification be stricken, that her request for disqualification be denied, and that Ms. Ciani be sanctioned in an amount to be determined in [the family’s] separately served noticed motion.”

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