Black Mom Hangs Sign on Her Front Door Detailing the Racial Abuse Her Neighbor and His Friends Have Subjected Her To: ‘If I Die in Here, at Least Cops Would See the Sign’

One mom is over the neighbors who have been “terrorizing” her and subjecting her to racial abuse for years. Jennifer McLeggan is a mom who is black and as she revealed on Twitter, there have been certain people in her neighborhood who have been rude and ignorant towards her for a while.

Now, she’s had enough of it. But instead of making a scene, McLeggan grabbed a pen, some paper, and wrote down her thoughts. She then taped the details of the racial abuse to her front door for all of those who pass her home to read.

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As the list revealed, the single mom has been harassed in many different ways since purchasing her home. And it began almost immediately after she moved into it three years ago.

In an interview with WLNY, McLeggan was pregnant when she moved into the home, which was not well maintained. Yet, despite spending thousands to make the home more presentable, the mom says her neighbors have done everything but accept her into the neighborhood with open arms.

In fact, the harassment and racism had become so bad she was inspired to write the note which is now posted on her door because she fears for her life. “If I die in here, at least cops would see the sign,” she told WLNY.

“If I get a dead squirrel, that’s a sign to me. It means you want me dead. He has said he can get me erased. I’ve heard him say I don’t know who he knows, I can get eliminated.”

In fact, McLeggan has caught some of this horrendous, inexcusable racial abuse on camera, which she’s shared on Twitter.

And as the note reveals, it’s not just feces and squirrels being thrown at her home, but she’s also experienced so much more. Read her letter in full below.

“Hello, My name is Jennifer and I am a single mom and Registered Nurse. My neighbors have been racially harassing me since I purchased my home. I took video footage to court and won a $5000 judgment from my videos. They have thrown human feces on my property and it was recorded. They are now planting dead squirrels on my property and have told me to go back to where I came from. They have their friends come spit on my property and it was recorded. A blow torch was taken to my home at 3 am. They have said that I can be ‘erased.’ Their friends also threatened to get rid of me and my cameras. They walk around in the back with guns and it was recorded. The police have said I need to be harmed fro them to make an arrest. I live in FEAR for my life at home. You will hear prayers coming from my home. I apologize for the noise. Thank you.”

Now people are coming to McLeggan’s home to show their support. “It is absolutely phenomenal to see so many people out here to stand with Jennifer and advocate for her,” one of the supporters told WLNY.

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And while police say they have no evidence of “bias” right now, they still have more work to do in terms of investigating McLeggan’s claims. Both McLeggan and the neighbor accused of harassing her have filed complaints against each other. But so far, no police action has been taken.

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