Bode Miller Delivered His Twin Boys After Wife Morgan Beck Went Into Labor Faster Than They Expected

It’s been nearly 20 days since Bode Miller and Morgan Beck welcomed their identical twin boys into the world on November 8, but the couple admits that they still don’t have names picked out yet.

In an interview with People, Morgan said that “it’s been a process” while trying to figure out their sons’ names, but that they are already showcasing very different personalities.

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“Baby A came out crying. I never had a baby cry after being born, so that was very interesting. Baby B came out and surveyed everything and was super mellow and relaxed, and he’s still the same. The way that they’re born is just the way that they are through the rest of their life.”

And according to Morgan, they were born in pretty dramatic fashion. Despite giving birth to multiples, Morgan told People that she choose to have a home birth because that’s all she’s ever known. “I’ve done a home birth for all my kids. Honestly, it’s the only thing I know.”

Morgan and Bode are also parents to 13-month-old Easton Vaughn Rek, 4-year-old Edward Nash Skan, and their late daughter, Emeline Grier, who passed away at 19 months old following a drowning incident at home. Morgan is also a stepmom to Bode’s two oldest children from a past relationship.

In the interview, the mom of seven said she couldn’t imagine not having her husband and her mother-in-law deliver their children from the comfort of their own home. Morgan described their twins’ birth as “fast and not necessarily easy but no issues, no problems, and it was honestly a dream for me.”

According to Bode, Morgan’s midwives were on their way over to their home and Morgan’s dad was doing a Costco run when the expectant mom went into labor. What they didn’t realize is how fast everything would happen, Bode told Today.

“The birth story was actually one of the more crazy things that I’ve ever experienced… none of the midwives actually made it on time. They started coming over and by the time they got there, me and my mom were both holding the babies.”

Luckily, Bode’s mom was once a midwife, but as Bode explained, “she hadn’t delivered babies in 20-plus years, and she never delivered twins.” Nonetheless, Bode said, “We’re both pretty relaxed and pretty casual, but we were certainly not qualified to be doing an unassisted home delivery of twins.”

“I’m really just over the moon that it went as smoothly as it did and that they were as big as they were. To get to have Bode and my mother-in-law [involved], it was perfect,” Morgan told People. She continued:

“For Bode to get to share that experience with his mom, for Jo to deliver her first set of twins. With Jo being a midwife and Bode delivering the rest of our kids, I couldn’t have two better people there that knew what to do in that situation.”

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She also believes the birth went so smoothly despite everything because their baby girl Emeline was with her the whole time, watching over her mother and her two baby brothers. She told People, “There’s no question in my mind that she had her hand in all of this. She’s still very much here.”

Now, Morgan is left trying to figure out their new normal. She admitted that while taking care of two newborns at the same time has its challenges, it’s not the hardest part. The hardest part has been making sure all of her young children get the one-on-one time and attention they need as she breastfeeds the twins.

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