1-Year-Old Boy Finds 82-Year-Old Missing Woman, Nina Lipscomb, While Playing With Bubbles in Backyard

On August 12, 2022, Ethan Moore – a 1-year-old boy from Coweta County, Georgia – went outside with his mother, Brittany Moore, to play with bubbles in the backyard. While that sounds like a typical day for a 1-year-old, it was far from it and turned out to be much more than what he or his mother bargained for. 

As he normally does, Ethan was chasing the bubbles – along with the family’s dogs – around the yard and eventually made his way to the fence that runs along the backside of their lawn. As he looked out into the woods, something caught his eye. “What do you see buddy?” his mom asked him as she walked over.

“Feet,” he replied. His mother – stunned at this point – asked him to repeat what he said to make sure she was hearing him right. He, once again, replied, “Feet.” His mother didn’t see anything from her vantage point, so she decided to crouch to get down on his level and that’s when she saw it too – a pair of feet. 

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At first, Brittany Moore didn’t know what to do – half of her wanted to go into fight mode to get to the bottom of it, but the other half of her wanted to enter flight mode because she was with her little boy and had her other son inside the house. After a brief panic attack, she decided to call the authorities for help. 

First responders arrived shortly after and quickly realized it was Nina Lipscomb, 82, who was lying down in the woods – alive, but disoriented due to early-stage Alzheimer’s. She had been missing for four days and her family – along with authorities and community members – had been searching for her tirelessly.

“We pulled out every resource we thought we needed but it was a little boy and she’s very fond of children,” Karen Lipscomb, Nina’s daughter, said in an interview with WDSU. What started as a typical day of playing bubbles outside turned into a major discovery that likely saved an elderly woman’s life. 

Karen went on to explain that her mother left the house to search for her deceased sister. “Her sister lived here in this house, but she passed away in March but growing up they lived on Glacier Road which is just around the corner,” she said – adding that Nina grew up no more than 0.25 miles from the boy’s home.

Karen Gifted Ethan With a Bag of Toy Bubbles

Nina Lipscomb was immediately sent to the hospital after being discovered, but she eventually got to meet the little boy who saved her life. And while Karen Lipscomb was intent on giving the Moore family reward money for finding her mother, the Moore family politely declined – they didn’t need a reward. 

Refusing the money, Karen decided to give Ethan and his mother a gift they couldn’t refuse – bubbles. “Thank you for your Christian walk,” Karen said to the little boy as she handed him a bag of toy bubbles. “I recognized it right off. The story of bubbles is so pure and innocent and yet effective,” she continued.

It’s a story the Moore family – and Lipscomb family – will never forget as Ethan grows older and Nina nears the end of her life. Considering it happened more than a year ago, Ethan is now 2.5 years old and Nina is now 84 years old. The latter has the former to thank for ensuring she enjoys the life she has left. 

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“I truly think this was something outside of what any human could do,” said Brittany Moore – praising her child for the good he has already done and the good he will continued to do in the future. “It took a child who was being worked by God. We will always teach him what he did, how he played an impact in it.”

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