Boyfriend Jealous Of Partner’s Weight Loss, Adds High-Calorie Ingredients To Meals

While losing weight with a significant other may help some relationships stronger, one man says it revealed the cracks in his relationship after he caught his boyfriend attempting to sabotage his diet by adding high-calorie ingredients into his meals.

About 6 months ago, the couple began their weight loss journey together.

Boyfriend Jealous Of Partner's Weight Loss, Sabotages Diet
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But since sheltering in place due to coronavirus, the man has since noticed his weight loss has slowed.

In a post that has since been deleted on Reddit, the man revealed how he has been eating very healthy for the last six months, and for the first four, his boyfriend was also following suit.

But according to the OP (original poster), his boyfriend was not sticking to the plan as closely as he was and therefore not losing as much weight. Around a month ago, his boyfriend gave up losing weight completely “and he became resentful that I was still losing weight.”

Boyfriend Jealous Of Partner's Weight Loss, Sabotages Diet
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In addition, he gained back some of the weight he had lost.

“I have no idea how this was happening because even though I’m not exercising as much, I’m still eating a caloric deficit and going for runs a few times a week,” he wrote.

And as he stopped losing weight, his boyfriend began making snide comments about the OP’s “discipline.” But what he noticed next threw the OP for a loop.

“This morning he made me a coffee and brought it to me, which was really sweet, but I noticed that there was this oily substance floating at the top,” he recalled.

He asked his boyfriend what the oily substance was — and was told that most likely the cream went bad “and went to make me a new one.” 

Boyfriend Jealous Of Partner's Weight Loss, Sabotages Diet
Image via Shutterstock

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The OP then followed his boyfriend back into the kitchen only to discover a jar of coconut oil on the counter. The OP cornered the boyfriend asking why he would put the oil in his coffee in the first place.

“After a bit of a fight he confessed he has been adding fats to my food since the quarantine started because he feels I’m not getting enough calories,” he shared.

But the OP did not buy it as he was consuming foods at a slight calorie deficit (about 200 calories below maintenance) and his dietician designed a vegetarian meal plan for him “that is completely made of nutritious, whole foods with lots of protein and vitamins.”

“Either way, I’m disgusted he would do this,” he wrote. “It’s completely wrong. What do I do?”

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