Boyfriend Makes Love Pills to Help Girlfriend with Anxiety

Anxiety is no joke and many of us have experienced it in one form or another. The feelings of panic, stress, unease, and dread can easily take hold over someone suffering from an anxiety attack. Denisha Bracey has dealt with intense anxiety since she was in her teens. But her boyfriend’s sweet homemade gift — love pills! — is helping her to feel less alone.

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In addition to the anxiet,y Denisha was accustomed to experiencing, she also started having panic attacks. These hard-hitting panic attacks prompted Denisha’s boyfriend, Riley Rankin, to think of some creative ways he could help her out.

Denisha says that her boyfriend has always been supportive of her.

Girlfriend Suffers from Anxiety

“I’ve learned to deal with it and become more confident with who I am,” Denisha explained, “But, the fear of someone triggering a panic attack is always there.”

Riley understood that his girlfriend was going through a lot and decided to think of something special he could do for their anniversary. This man’s got a lot of heart.

For their Anniversary, Riley gave Denisha “Love Pills.” She posted about the gift and how much it meant to her.

In the post, Denisha explained, “Every pill capsule is filled with a little note that says something loving or sweet, something that will make me happy, or a good quality about me,” she said. “He bought empty capsules and filled every single one and put them in an empty pill container.”

The gift was so thoughtful, it brought Denisha to tears. She knew her boyfriend cared and the tiny “pills” made a big impact.

Since sharing the heartfelt post over the Summer, Denisha’s post has gotten a lot of feedback online.

Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend Love Pills
Denisha Bracey / Facebook

The post has been shared almost 150,000 times and has over 17,000 comments many of them include this hashtag: #RelationshipGoals.

Denisha understands that a thoughtful gift is more important than an expensive one.

“I hope this inspires some people; make something nice for someone you appreciate,” Denisha said in the post, “Gifts don’t have to cost $100 to be meaningful, a couple bucks and some creativity (or Pinterest surfing) and you’ve got the best gift ever!”

The comments make it clear that unconditional love and a kind gesture can really go a long way.

Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend Gift to Help with Anxiety
Denisha Bracey / Facebook

“I told you he is the one for you,” one person wrote. “Just can’t beat his love for you.”

“Kind and fabulous idea,” another added. “You are a very lucky person don’t let him escape.”

“Men should [all] be this kind of caring compassionate loving,” another commented.

Many others agreed and most people encouraged Denisha to marry her boyfriend. Finding a man this emotionally available and sensitive is no easy task.

The post encouraged others to be open about their own mental health struggles with their partners and to support partners who are dealing with anxiety.

Boyfriend Supports Girlfriend with Anxiety
Denisha Bracey / Facebook

Denisha thinks that open and honest communication is essential for any relationship.

“I think communication is the biggest part of supporting someone who struggles with mental health,” she said.

“Let them know you’re there, you care and you’re willing to support them by trying to understanding their struggle. Empathy is a big one too. It’s not always easy but being honest and learning from the mistakes made in the journey of support of mental health is vital.”

Over 40 million people in the United States report struggling with anxiety. Denisha’s positive outlook and story can benefit a lot of people who need support.

Anxiety Pills Love Pills
Denisha Bracey / Facebook

Denisha offers this advice:

“Don’t give up just because it gets hard. It’s obviously a bigger commitment and mistakes will be made. If someone is trying to help you and it’s not working out for you, tell them it isn’t. That’s the only way you can figure out what the right thing to do is and what the wrong things are. If you don’t love yourself and aren’t taking care of your own mental health, you’re not capable of taking care of someone else’s.”

That’s great advice for anyone struggling with mental health issues. Love yourself first, be honest with others you love, and take care as best you can.

Riley is such a great boyfriend and we hope these two continue to share such exceptional love and support.

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