Britney Spears Says She Doesn’t Want to Be Seen As a Victim And Calls for Her ‘Church Going’ Mother to Be Arrested

One of the biggest pop stars in the world has never seen cash. I know it’s hard to believe, but in Britney Spears’s first Instagram Q&A since a judge freed her from her 13-year-old conservatorship, Spears has revealed some of the everyday basic stuff she’s been doing to celebrate her new freedom.

Britney Spears Reveals What She’s Been Up to Since She’s Been Free From Her Conservatorship

In a video the pop star shared on her Instagram account, Spears teased an upcoming interview with Oprah and how she hopes she can now use her story to help other people who are let down by “the system.” Since being freed from the conservatorship she has described as “abusive,” Spears revealed that she has been able to take cash out for the time and buy herself a candle.

“I do know how embarrassing is to share the fact I’ve never seen cash or wasn’t able to drive my car,” Spears wrote. “But honestly, it still blows my mind every day I wake up how my family and the conservatorship were able to do what they did to me.”

Spears continued by saying 13 years is a really long time to be in a situation you don’t want to be in and as a result of that, she’s just been grateful for each day that has passed since she’s been freed. “Being able to have the keys to my car, being able to be independent, and feel like a woman, owning a debit card, seeing cash for the first time, being able to buy candles. It’s the little things, but it makes a huge difference.”

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As Britney Spears continued, she said that despite finding her voice and using it to speak out against the conservatorship, she doesn’t want to be a “victim.” “I lived with victims my whole life as a child, that’s why I got out of my house and I worked for 20 years. I’m here to be an advocate for people with real disabilities and real illnesses.”

Spears said she was able to fight for as long as she has because she’s a “very strong woman.” And as a result of that, she “can only imagine what the system has done to” the more vulnerable people in the world. 

The pop star then thanked the “Free Britney” movement for giving her a voice when so many of the people around her were trying to silence her. “You guys rock. Honestly, my voice was muted and threatened for so long… and because of you guys having the awareness of kind of what was going on and delivering that news to the public for so long… you saved my life.”

Spears also had a message for the people who have wronged her. “I’m not even mentioning all the bad things they did to me which they should all be in jail for,” Britney Spears wrote. “Yes, including my church-going mother!!!! I’m used to keeping the peace for the family and keeping my mouth shut … but not this time.”

It’s unclear exactly when Britney Spears is sitting down with Oprah for her first interview since the conservatorship ended but Spears said for now she’s just going to keep moving forward with her fiancé, Sam Asghari. The couple seems to be moving toward becoming husband and wife quickly and also openly talking about having a child together.

Just before sharing her Q&A with her fans, Spears wrote that she’s “thinking about having another baby!” She went on to wonder out loud if her third child would be a daughter. Spears is currently a mom of two boys whom she shares with ex Kevin Federline, who has primary custody of the boys. 

It’s also unclear how her newfound freedom will affect the time she gets with her sons. But we are so glad to see Britney Spears finally happy and planning her own future.

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