25 Buddhist Baby Names Are Enlightened Appellations for a Little One

Choosing a name for your little bundle of joy can be a difficult decision, but it’s also an opportunity to give them a meaningful and unique identity. Buddhist baby names are rising in popularity as parents seek out names that have deeper spiritual significance. These names not only sound beautiful but also carry a sense of enlightenment and inner peace.

Let’s delve into the world of Buddhist baby names and explore some of the most enlightened appellations for your little one. As you might be at a loss for where to start your baby name search, searching for appellations that reflect your values is a great starting point. If you consider yourself a Buddhist or simply want names inspired by the philosophy, you’ve come to the right place. Discover the best Buddhist baby name for your little bundle of joy below!


Buddhist Baby Names

The most popular Buddhist baby name and one of the fastest-rising appellations for boys, Bodhi is a gorgeous option from Sanskrit that means “enlightenment” and “awakening.” It is also a term for the understanding Buddha discovered while sitting beneath the Bodhi tree. Despite going to far more boys than girls, this name is 100% unisex.


Buddhist Baby Names

Flower names are typically given to girls, but we feel Lotus is gender-neutral. The name belongs to a flower that symbolizes beauty, grace, and spiritual growth. After all, Buddha is often represented in art sitting on a lotus as it stands for the path from ignorance to enlightenment. Lotus is of Greek origin. Anicca is


Buddhist Baby Names

Anicca is a Sanskrit name that means “impermanence,” a reference to the Buddhist teaching that all things are in flux and subject to change. The name symbolizes the cycles of birth, growth, and death. To correctly say this name, pronounce it uh-NIK-uh.


Buddhist Baby Names

Dharma is a handsome name that is rich in Buddhist meaning as it refers to the laws of nature and how they apply to our lived lives. We like this name for girls but it is technically a unisex choice. To choose a single meaning for this name is difficult but you can consider it to mean “truth.”


Buddhist Baby Names

Moksha only goes to handful of girls each year but it is an excellent option. The name is of Sanskrit origin and means “liberation.” It embodies the concept of being liberated from ignorance and being open to enlightenment.


Buddhist Baby Names

Pronounced suhm-SAHR-uh, Samsara is a name of Sanskrit origin that “cyclical change.” The name is commonly connected with the concept of the cycle of life. Understanding the nature of Samsara is a pathway to being liberated from the cycling through the six realms.


Buddhist Baby Names

A name of Sanskrit origin, Nirvana means “state of bliss” or “stillness of mind, free from desire.” This name goes primarily to baby girls in the US but it is very rare.


Buddhist Baby Names

Not just a name for your favorite character on Game of Thrones, Arya is a name that has a Sanskrit root that means “exalted” or “noble one.” The name is completely gender-neutral and it actually has a history of being more popular for boys prior to 2010. However, the name ranks just outside the top 100 most popular baby names for girls today. The term is often used to describe the main Buddhist tenets.


Buddhist Baby Names

Believe it or not, Om is actually one of the more popular names on this list, especially for boys. For Buddhists, it is a sacred syllable often used during meditation. Further, the term references Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma, the three most important deities in Hindu religions. The Sanskrit root of this name means “creation.”


Buddhist Baby Names

Veda is a mildly popular name for girls in the US and it references the ancient Hindu forms of sacred literature. The vedas are eternal discoveries and truths uncovered through divine revelation. The Sanskrit root of the name means “knowledge” or “wisdom.” Theravada is the oldest surviving Buddhist branch.


Buddhist Baby Names

You will want to pronounce Mahayana as ma-huh-YAH-nuh. Mahayana is one of the main Buddhist branches and it means “great vehicle.” It is one of the most popular forms of Buddhism as its followers believe that anyone can attain enlightenment, not just the super devout, like monks.


Buddhist Baby Names

Zen is a Mahayana Buddhist school of thought that emphasizes meditation to uncover universal truths. Zen is a unisex name that actually landed in the top 1000 for boys for the very first time in the US in 2022. For many, Zen is synonymous with tranquility. It means “meditation.”


Buddhist Baby Names

Kathina is a festival that occurs after the rainy season for Theraveda Buddhists. The main theme of the festival is the concept of giving and the celebration of monks. This rare name is a great blend of Katherine and Athena, making it both accessible and appealing.


Buddhist Baby Names

Pronounce this one uh-VEE-chee. The name is a unisex option but typically goes to more boys than girls. The appellation has a rather unsavory meaning as it refers to the Buddhist concept of the lowest level of hell that one can be reborn from. Most take the Sanskrit root of the name to mean “incessant.”

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Buddhist Baby Names

Karma is one of the most commonly known Buddhist concepts. It is a reference to the idea that a person’s words and actions will reverberate into the next life and beyond. The name is of Hindi origin and means “spiritual force” or “destiny.” The name has ranked in the top 1000 for girls in recent years.


Buddhist Baby Names

Also spelled Aaikya or Aikya, Aikyaa is a name of Sanskrit origin that means “unity” or “oneness.” This name is extremely rare and has gone virtually unused in the US.


Buddhist Baby Names

Akkrum is a name of Hindi origin and a byname of Buddha. The name means “Lord Buddha.” This one typically goes to baby boys but it is exceedingly rare in the US.


Buddhist Baby Names

Disha is a Buddhist baby name for girls that references a concept that means “direction” and “good fortune.” Despite being completely accessible, this name is very rare in the US.


Buddhist Baby Names

Budhh is a shortened form of Buddha that can be taken to mean “the enlightened one.” This name is given exclusively to baby boys. However, you won’t hear it often in the US.


Buddhist Baby Names

Mayra is most commonly considered an Egyptian form of Mary or Maria. However, the Sanskrit root of this name belongs to a Buddhist concept and means “moon.” It symbolizes truth, enlightenment, and disillusionment. The appellation was popular in the US from the 1960s through the early 2010s, peaking in the 1980s.


Buddhist Baby Names

Fujii is a name of Japanese origin that belongs to a legendary monk who built peace pagodas. This name has many meanings but one of our favorites is “one who lives near the river where wisteria grows.” The Fuji spelling is more popular but both are very rare as given names in the US.


Buddhist Baby Names

A name of Tibetan origin, Dechen has a fabulous meaning in “great joy.” The unisex name is a reference to a person who reaches out to others with the goal of spreading happiness.


Buddhist Baby Names

Genko names two historical Japanese eras, thus its meaning is “year name.” However, the appellation can also be taken to mean “original light.” Genko represents the oldest extant account of Buddhism in Japan.


Buddhist Baby Names

Haimini is a very popular name in India but, unfortunately, it goes largely unused in the US. The name is most common for girls and means “golden color.” No complaints about that meaning!

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Buddhist Baby Names

Chimon is a name that belongs to famed Thai actor who was born Wachirawit Ruangwiwat. The name is most popular for boys but sadly is not well known in the US. The root of this name means “wisdom’s gate.” We don’t think it gets more Buddhist than that!

Choosing a Buddhist name for your baby can be a beautiful and meaningful way to honor your spiritual beliefs and give your little one a name that carries a sense of enlightenment. Whether you choose a traditional name with deep roots in Buddhism or a more modern name inspired by Buddhist teachings, there are countless options to choose from.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a name that resonates with you and your family, and that will help your child grow into a wise, compassionate, and thoughtful individual. With a Buddhist name, your little one is sure to have a bright and peaceful future ahead.

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