Awesomely Chill Names That Mean Peace

If the past couple of years have felt chaotic to you, you are not alone. Parents who are choosing names that mean peace are making them among some of the most popular appellations for babies in recent years. There are many reasons why you might want a name for your child to harbor a peaceful sentiment, the main one being, to impart a sense of steadfastness, good fortune, and chill. Further, what’s more beautiful than peace?

We wanted to round up the best names that mean peace for boys and girls to give you a better sense of what options from around the world are available to you. While many of these names will be familiar, there are several options that you likely have never encountered before. So, you just might discover a new, perfect name that’s all about peace. Find some amazing names for your baby below!

Names That Mean Peace for Boys


Names That Mean Peace

An olive tree or olive branch has been a symbol of peace for centuries. Oliver is one of the most popular names that mean peace for boys. The name’s root is of Latin origin. You can branch out to similar possibilities like Olive or Olivier as well.


Names That Mean Peace

Callum is a name of Scottish origin that is derived from the unisex Latin name, Columba. Both names mean “dove,” another positive symbol of peace.


Names That Mean Peace

Jonah has been gaining traction these days as parents look to the Old Testament for an alternative to Jacob and Joshua. Jonah is of Hebrew origin and also means “dove.”


Names That Mean Peace

Axel is the Scandinavian form of the Hebrew name, Absolom. We feel that it is much more approachable than the Hebrew form but both will give you the meaning “father of peace.”


Names That Mean Peace

Frederick was a top 100 name for baby boys in the US until the 1960s. However, after years of decline, new parents are returning to this strong candidate. Frederick is of Germanic origin and means “peaceful ruler.” It’s one of the most classic-sounding names that mean peace on this list.


Names That Mean Peace

Solomon is an Old Testament favorite that is mostly considered an “old man” name today. However, parents are beginning to shine up this old treasure for their little boys. The name’s Hebrew root means “peace.”


Names That Mean Peace

Another one of the vintage names that mean peace comes in the form of Wilfred. While parents have shunned this name in the US for decades, it’s a most popular choice across the UK today. Wilfred is of English origin and means “desirer of peace.”


Names That Mean Peace

A name you might not be familiar with, Arav, comes from the Sanskrit root rav, which is related to peace and music. Aarav is also associated with the concept of wisdom. Hindus often choose names with meanings they hope to impart to their child. The custom proves a beautiful and meaningful one!


Names That Mean Peace

Geoffrey or Jeffrey are names that mean peace with alternative spelling options. Choose the one that makes the most sense for you. This appellation has been on the decline since the 1960s but you can help rescue it from obscurity. The name is English from French and means “pledge of peace.”


Names That Mean Peace

Paxton is a gorgeous habitational name from English that means “peace town.” We love this name for a number of reasons but one of the most compelling is the nickname, Pax. You could also just go with Pax which is another one of the names that mean peace.


Names That Mean Peace

A name only recognizable thanks to the Old Hollywood charisma of one Humphrey Bogart, Humphrey has never been a wildly popular option in the US. However, it has a winning meaning in “peaceful warrior.”


Names That Mean Peace

Miro presents a handsome alternative to the wildly popular appellations, Milo and Arlo. Miro is like a marriage between the two. It is of Slavic origin and the root, mir, means “peace” and “world.”


Names That Mean Peace

Fen in its Dutch and Frisian forms means “peace.” The name is also a habitational name in English that means “marshland.” We’ll take the Dutch meaning!


Names That Mean Peace

Shlomo is a playful name that you’ll hear often in Israel but much less so in the US. It is of Hebrew origin and means “his peace.”


Names That Mean Peace

One of our favorite names that mean peace discoveries is Pazel. The name is of Hebrew origin and means “peace.” We think the nickname Paz is excellent and you can feel free to choose it for a more express appellation as it is an established name in its own right.

Names That Mean Peace for Girls


Names That Mean Peace

The iconic personality and artwork of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo have inspired many parents to resurrect this form of the name. It’s charted in the US top 1000 since the early aughts. It’s also very popular across Northern Europe today. The name is of German origin and means “peace.”


Names That Mean Peace

As with Oliver, Olive and Olivia are excellent choices and subtle names that mean peace. Olivia is the most popular name for girls today so your daughter would be in very good company with this appellation.

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Names That Mean Peace

Once a popular choice for babies born before the 1930s, Winifred is a whimsical option and one of the best names that mean peace. Its Welsh root means “blessed peacemaking” and is a reference to a legendary Welsh saint of the same name.


Names That Mean Peace

Shiloh is one of the few unisex names that mean peace. It is of Hebrew origin and was made popular in the US after Angelina Jolie chose the name for one of her many children. It’s gentle beauty and winning meaning really make it a hit.


Names That Mean Peace

Serena is a name of Latin origin that’s been used since the days of Ancient Rome. The name means “serene” and “tranquil.” The name enjoyed its most popular years in the early 2000s but it’s still a mildly favored appellation today.


Names That Mean Peace

Irene names the Greek goddess of peace and takes its meaning from her. Like Serena, it too was wildly popular in Ancient Rome. The appellation was a top 100 choice in the US until 1945. Let’s bring this name back to its former glory.


Names That Mean Peace

Serenity is a word name that does not leave much to the imagination. If you’re looking for straightforward names that mean peace, Serenity, Peace, Dove, etc. get right to the point.


Names That Mean Peace

Jemima has long been a posh choice among the Brits but the name suffered in the US thanks to some rather racist marketing of “Aunt Jemima” pancakes. We believe that those days are behind this name but if it still does not sit right, by all means, please look over it. Jemima is of Hebrew origin and means “dove.”


Names That Mean Peace

One of the most romantic names that mean peace, Salome is of Hebrew origin. The name has been a most popular choice in France, spelled Salomé.


Names That Mean Peace

Fenna is a Top-20 girls’ name in the Netherlands today. It is of Dutch and Frisian origin and means “peace.” It rhymes with Jenna making it a truly accessible choice for English speakers.


Names That Mean Peace

One of our favorite discoveries among these names that mean peace is Malu. It is of Hawaiian origin and new parents are taking notice of this brilliant option. However, it’s yet to make as big a wave as the unisex name Kai has in recent years.


Names That Mean Peace

Shanti is a Hindu word that’s used in prayer that means “peace” and “calm.” We absolutely adore this appellation and hope more American parents begin to use it.


Names That Mean Peace

Eir is a Norse name that sounds exactly the same as the English word “air.” This charmer means “peacefulness” or “merciful.” In Norse mythology, the name belongs to a healing goddess (or valkyrie).


Names That Mean Peace

We did not expect to find so many Dutch names that mean peace, but we certainly did! Pronounced FEM-kuh, this name could be a way to celebrate your Dutch heritage or simply as an attractive, feminine, and percussive name for your daughter.

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Names That Mean Peace

Zuelia is a name of Arabic origin that means “peace.” Unfortunately, the name has never been popular in the US. But, it has enjoyed mild popularity in some countries and communities in Africa. We hope more parents in the US turn to this zesty and attractive option.

There you go! Did you find some awesome names that mean peace that will work for your family? We certainly hope you found an appellation or two to consider for your baby that foster a sense of peace and well-being! Uncertain times call for positive measures and you can add a dose of optimism with any of these names that mean peace.

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