Cause of Death for Eliza Fletcher the Memphis Teacher and Mom Kidnapped and Killed Released to the Public

New information regarding the kidnapping and murder of Memphis mom and school teacher, Eliza Fletcher, is coming to light.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, on September 6, four days after Fletcher was abducted during her usual early morning run, Fletcher’s body was discovered within walking distance of Longview Gardens apartments. MPD’s only suspect, Cleotha Abston is now facing charges of first-degree murder and first-degree murder in perpetration of kidnapping. 

Cause of Death for Eliza Fletcher the Memphis Teacher and Mom Kidnapped and Killed Released to the Public

Cause of Death for Eliza Fletcher the Memphis Teacher and Mom Kidnapped and Killed Released to the Public

Now Fletcher’s cause of death has come to light. According to WREG, the mom and school teacher died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head and blunt force injury to the head.

She was also reported to have extensive facial injuries and bruises on her right thigh and leg. The toxicology report noted fentanyl in Fletcher’s system.

A forensic pathologist with the West Tennessee Regional Center judged her manner of death as a homicide. A shell casing was also discovered at the scene where Fletcher’s body was discovered.

Jerry Fransico, a former medical examiner in Shelby County, told WREG that “with the onset of the gunshot wound, death would have occurred rather quickly.”

Fletcher’s body was discovered near where Abston was reportedly seen cleaning a GMC Terrain just hours after Fletcher was forced into a vehicle and kidnapped. This was 7.5 miles from where the abduction took place, FOX 13 originally reported.

As further reports revealed, Fletcher was an avid runner. It was something she did regularly, running was part of her identity. Running was something she was good at.

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After leaving her home on September 2, Fletcher was captured on street cameras running in purple shorts and a pink top. Then tragedy struck.

During her Friday morning jog, Fletcher was targeted, attacked, and forced into an unknown vehicle, surveillance footage showed. Now, as the search for the beloved 34-year-old mom of two comes to an end, Memphis police have confirmed that the body that was discovered during their search for Fletcher on Monday night is that of Eliza Fletcher.

Authorities say the Terrain was the same vehicle Fletcher was forced into. After being arrested on September 4, Abston refused to give authorities Fletcher’s location.

Reports say authorities investigated Abston as a suspect after a pair of sandals were found near Fletcher’s water bottle and phone. DNA on the sandals matched Abston. He was also seen wearing those same exact sandals the night before Fletcher was abducted. 

This isn’t the first time Abston faced jail time for aggravated kidnapping. He was sentenced to 24 years in June of 2000, FOX 13 reports. He became eligible for release after 85 percent of his sentence was served.

In his first court appearance, Abston, 38, told the court he can’t afford the $500,000 bond, nor can he afford an attorney.

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