Celine Dion Shocks Fans at the Grammys

Days after announcing she was releasing a documentary, Celine Dion made a rare public appearance at the Grammys to present the award for Album of the Year. And she looked incredible despite several reports of her ailing health.

Dion presented the award to Taylor Swift, making Swift the only artist ever to win Album of the Year four times. However, while accepting the award, her win got overshadowed by viewers analyzing her interaction with Celine.

Many thought Taylor “snubbed” Dion and didn’t give Celine enough recognition while accepting the Grammy, given Celine’s icon status. What do you think?

Celine Dion gave her fans quite a shock on January 30th when she posted a black and white photo of herself, as well as an exciting announcement.

Dion hasn’t posted all that often over the last few months. As it has been well documented, Dion is currently dealing with devastating health issues that have kept her off the stage and out of the limelight.

However, Dion is now ready to share who story wholly and completely with a new documentary set to release on Prime Video:

Alongside the announcement, Dion shared a personal statement as well:

“This last couple of years has been such a challenge for me, the journey from discovering my condition to learning how to live with and manage it, but not to let it define me. As the road to resuming my performing career continues, I have realized how much I have missed it, of being able to see my fans. During this absence, I decided I wanted to document this part of my life, to try to raise awareness of this little-known condition, to help others who share this diagnosis.” – Celine Dion

A little more than a month after new videos of Celine Dion surfaced looking well, a heartbreaking update regarding her health is being released.

According to E! News, in an update, again provided by her sister, Claudette, it was revealed that Celine has lost “control over her muscles. What breaks my heart is that she’s always been disciplined. She’s always worked hard. Our mother always told her, ‘You’re going to do it well, you’re going to do it properly.'”

Celine Dion is ‘Working Hard’ and ‘Learning From the World’s Best Doctors’ After Being Diagnosed With Stiff Person Syndrome
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And although the goal remains that Celine will one day grace the stage again, it’s unclear if at the moment, those dreams will come true. “It’s true that in both our dreams and hers, the goal is to return to the stage. In what capacity? I don’t know.”

As Claudette continued, their other sister Linda has been living with Celine as she continues to battle her diagnosed illness known as stiff-person syndrome.

What’s next for Celine is unclear.

Celine Dion Shocks Fans at the Grammys | Celine Dion gave her fans quite a shock on January 30th when she posted a black and white photo of herself, as well as an exciting announcement.
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As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Celine Dion fans are rejoicing after they were able to get a glimpse of the singer seemingly doing well and in good spirits despite her tragic health battle.

Dion was spotted on the official Instagram page of the Montreal Canadiens meeting and chatting enthusiastically with its players while flanked by her sons.

“When emblems of Quebec meet in Las Vegas,” the video was captioned. 

We love to see her doing well.

As Mamas Uncut previously reported, Celine Dion has become a household name. From her incredible voice to the music she had released over the last couple of decades, Dion is one of the most legendary singers to date.

Claudette Dion Offers Health Update on Celine Dion as She Continues Her Battle With Stiff Person Syndrome
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Sadly, the beloved performer hasn’t been able to do what she does best due to an ongoing health battle she’s been fighting in secret. While rumors swirled about what Dion was dealing with in terms of her health, the singer has chosen to remain quiet about her battle; that is until recently.

In a video she shared on Instagram, Dion apologized to her fans for not speaking with them sooner. “I miss you so much,” Dion said, “And I can’t wait to be on stage talking to you in person.”

Dion continued, she explained that “I’ve always been an open book.” But while she prides herself on being open with her fans, she “wasn’t ready to say anything before but I’m ready now.”

“I’ve been dealing with problems with my health for a long time, and it’s been really difficult for me to face these challenges and to talk about everything that I’ve been going through. Recently, I’ve been diagnosed with a very rare neurological disorder called Stiff Person Syndrome, which affects something like one in a million people.”

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Stiff Person Syndrome or SPS also carries features of an autoimmune disease and is “characterized by fluctuating muscle rigidity in the trunk and limbs and a heightened sensitivity to stimuli such as noise, touch, and emotional distress, which can set off muscle spasms.”

As the NINDS continues, it reveals that several things can cause a person with SPS to have a flare up. “People with SPS can be too disabled to walk or move, or they are afraid to leave the house because street noises, such as the sound of a horn, can trigger spasms and falls.”

Celine Dion Shocks Fans at the Grammys | Celine Dion gave her fans quite a shock on January 30th when she posted a black and white photo of herself, as well as an exciting announcement.

It still remains unclear what causes SPS to occur in a person but it is known that it affects twice as many women as it does men. 

“While we are still learning about this rare condition, we now know this is what has been causing all of the spasms I’ve been having,” Celine continued revealing that “these spasms affect every aspect of my daily life. Sometimes causing difficulties when I walk and not allowing me to use my vocal cords to sing the way I’m used to.”

As a result of the ongoing battle, Dion admitted that “it hurts me to tell you that I won’t be ready to restart my tour in Europe in February.”

Celine Dion Shares Heartfelt Post Dedicated To Husband Rene Angelil On 5-Year Anniversary of His Death
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Dion added that she has a great team of doctors working with her to help her get back on stage soon and that her “precious children are giving her hope” for the future. “I’m working hard,” Celine said to get back, but “I have to admit, it’s been a struggle.”

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