Chelsea Handler Offers Parenting Advice On New Podcast: ‘OK, This Is How You Get A Kid To Not Be A Jerk When They Grow Up’

Chelsea Handler decided to begin a new podcast, Dear Chelsea, that focuses on giving life advice to guests — and her first episode is all about mothers.

Inspired by starting therapy, Handler covered “all things” mothers given the current climate.

“I think a lot of people are dealing with parental relationships,” she says.

“Especially with politics, there’s a lot of discord on that front. People call in and ask how to deal with their parents who are extremely conservative and non-accepting. Or people that haven’t spoken to their parents in a really long time, which is also really heartbreaking to even hear about. I think that a lot of people are looking for advice on how to deal with family members and parents specifically.”

And while Handler is not a parent — she’s says she’s been “an objective bystander for a long time.”

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“There are a lot of different styles of parenting, and there are a lot of rules of thumb I’ve seen my parent friends implement where I’m like, ‘OK, this is how you get a kid to not be a jerk when they grow up.'”

She even admits herself she was a trouble child growing up.

“I was terrible growing up,” says Handler. “I was a terrible kid. So I have a lot to pull from there. I understand where this behavior comes from. My parents didn’t do a great job, so I have lots of experience of being badly parented.”

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“Boundary setting is important in all aspects of life, but definitely with parents and with children,” she continued. “You want to set boundaries for your children so they can grow up to respect boundaries. And I think setting boundaries actually instill respect into the relationship.”

All in all, Handler wants parents to be more mindful.

“I think all of us can work with it to be present in our lives and in our children’s lives,” she says. “That’s the whole point of being a parent, right? To be there…..Parenting is a very serious responsibility, which sometimes is very underpaid and undervalued.”

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