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“You Love Them and You Can’t Stand Them Sometimes”: The Best Parenting Tips from Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon, and more

Sometimes it feels like celebrity parents and those of us who are non-celebrity parents exist in entirely separate worlds. Celebrities have round-the-clock childcare if they so choose, chefs to make their offspring organic, vegan meals, and drivers to take them to activities. And those of us who aren’t celebrities have … ourselves, family who help out if we’re lucky and maybe some paid childcare that allows us to work.

But sometimes celebs prove they’re more “like us” than we might think. Like when they drop pearls of parenting wisdom that pretty much all of us can agree are universally true.


Like this gem from Kate Hudson: “You love them. And then you can’t stand them sometimes. That’s just the truth.” We’re with you, Kate, we’re with you.


Or Chelsea Handler: “Stop telling your kids that they’re special. Most of them aren’t special.” We get you Chelsea — though have you seen my son’s Picasso-like watercolor he made in his toddler art class?


And who hasn’t accidentally called their dog by their child’s name or vice versa? Jennifer Garner has! “When you confuse the pets with the children all together … that’s just bad.”


And for all those times when you accidentally almost-but-not-quite dropped your baby, there’s a celeb who’s been through that moment of terror, too. “And you know how it is when you’ve almost killed your child, but you didn’t? You’re like shaking on the inside like ‘walk it off, walk it off, everything’s fine’,” says Anne Hathaway. We get it Anne, we’ve been there, too.


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