Cher Opens Up About Her Mother’s Final Moments Before Passing Away: “She Was In So Much Pain”

Cher is still coming to grips with the reality that her mother – who she referred to as “MY KICK A** MOM” on Twitter – is no longer here. Georgia Holt, a singer-songwriter, actress, and model in her own right, passed away on December 10th at the age of 96. Holt was 19 years old when she gave birth to Cher.

Just a few months ago, Cher announced on Twitter that her mother was hospitalized with pneumonia. “Sorry I’ve Been Mia. Mom’s Been Sick Off & On. She Just Got Out Of Hosp. She Had Pneumonia,” said Cher, before adding her mother was getting better. Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worse recently.

On December 10th, Cher took to Twitter yet again to give an update about her mother’s health – an update no one ever wants to give. “Mom is gone,” she wrote in a brief, yet somber tweet. Since then, Cher has posted a series of tweets commemorating her mother and the impact she had on her life. 

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“Mom Would Be So Trilled That Ppl From All Over Are Talking About Her With❤️& Admiration. Truth Is…I TOOK MOMS VOICE & HER DREAM & MADE THEM REAL. She Couldn’t Manifest Them, So I Did It 4 Her,& Made Her Happy,” she wrote, before implying that she was the ugly duck that turned into a swan. 

Another series of tweets came on December 13th, which started with Cher posting about how she couldn’t sleep very well. She referenced a song she recorded with her mother titled I’m Just Your Yesterday, urging her followers to listen to the track so they can see where she got her voice from. 

“The truth…. She’s been Sick,&rallying, she then got bad, She was in so much pain. Finally, she coded on way to Hosp. By the time we Got to Hosp….The Woman who Who Was MY KICK A** MOM was No long Here,” wrote Cher in a separate tweet. She ended the series of tweets by calling herself a sleepyhead.

It’s clear the two shared a close relationship and it’s even more evident that Cher contributes a lot of her success to her mother. Holt will be remembered for her beautiful voice, which helped her win several talent and beauty competitions before earning minor roles in films and on television in the 1950s. 

Cher Continues to Open Up About Late Mother, Georgia Holt

Cher wasn’t done talking about her late mother on Twitter, returning with another series of tweets as she continues to commemorate her legacy. “This may sound strange, but mom Was so sick for So Long. Was in Constant pain. Now she’s free,” said Cher in a tweet that garnered more than 20,000 likes in five hours. 

In another tweet, she revealed her plans to go to one of her and her mother’s favorite places to celebrate her – Cher added she hopes people “celebrate me” when she dies. She went on to remember her mother as beautiful, talented, and hilarious, and even called her the person who “put me on the road to who I am.” 

Several hours later, Cher posted another tweet that explained a weird occurrence she encountered a few weeks ago. For several months, she would wake up saying to herself out loud, “I want my Mom, I want my Mom.’ Then, a few weeks ago, it suddenly stopped – could it have been a subtle warning sign? 

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Cher appears to be going through a tough time as she learns to live without her mother being here – physically, at least. With that said, she can take comfort in knowing that her new boyfriend, Alexander Edwards, will be by her side through and through. The couple surprisingly has a 40-year age gap.

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