7 Times Chrissy Teigen Earned Her Crown as the Queen of Instagram

Spending too much time scrolling through the overly-curated world of Instagram can sometimes feel like a real compare-and-despair fest, but thankfully social media star Chrissy Teigen is always down to keep it real.

Whether she’s putting those ubiquitous online mom-shamers in their place, making fun of her own meme face, launching important maternal health initiatives, or roasting her partner (singer John Legend), our dream BFF’s Instagram never fails to impress.

If you don’t already follow the mama, model, TV personality, and author, we promise you’re in for a constant stream of “Girl, I feel you!” moments.

1. When Teigen Burned Her Husband in the Best Way:

“Stealing john’s photo haha she’s not even his anyway.”

Teigen shamelessly shared partner John Legend’s photo of their adorable daughter Luna and then stuck the landing with the best paternity joke we’ve ever heard.

2. When the Mom Struggle Got Real(ly Hilarious):

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Have you ever related to anything more than Teigen screaming about her milk while plummeting down an amusement park ride? ‘Cuz honestly, we’ve been there.

3. When She Memed Her Own Daughter:

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o dear

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“o dear”

Teigen has a history of breaking the internet with her iconic “meme faces,” and it turns out her daughter Luna inherited a similar talent. Oh, genetics.

4. When She Preemptively Clapped Back:

“This diaper is never not blue, so don’t even start with me.”

Chrissy Teigen’s Instagram, like most celebrities’, is constantly filled with comments from angry, petty, and otherwise nasty internet trolls. We’ve never slow-clapped quite like we did when Teigen shut down those Instagram trolls before they could even comment on this photo of her son, Miles, in his diaper.

5. When She Really Put Her Instagram Followers in Their Places:

“Shoutout to everyone dissecting every little part of my bod in the last comment thread, you’re all really wonderful, kind, flawless beauties – I can tell from your pages!!”

After having her photos endlessly scrutinized, the Sports Illustrated model decided to call out the body shamers once and for all. (Look at that photo! She WON!)

6. When She Continued to Live Her Best Life Despite the Hate:

“Aaaaaaah vacation (‘your entire life is a vacation hurrdurrr rarr rarr pfft pschhhhh’)”

In anticipation of the comments she’d get when posting another vacation pic, the hardworking mama shut it down and kept it moving. Can’t be mad at that!

7. When She Was Supportive in Her Own Hilarious Way:

“My baby got another honorary doctorate! I have a bunch too I just don’t brag about all the time.”

One thing we will always love about Teigen: she is constantly supportive of her husband, but also knows how to humorously keep his ego in check. Legend seems to love it, and that’s what makes them the perfect couple!

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